Cherry Growers from Wafangdian Eager to Learn

On the morning of 8th January 2019, the Greenhouse Cherry Technology Exchange and the RLF Plant Milk ordering meeting were held in Hanpao Village, Paotai Town, Wafangdian. The outdoor temperature was cold and chilling, but the enthusiasm in the venue was warm and strong. There were even bursts of applause from time to time!

Nearly 300 cherry growers attended the event – an overwhelming response.

The meeting room

The Director of Northeast China, Ma Decao, introduced RLF and its history to those present and then the Sales Manager from Northeast China Region, Zhang Zhen talked about the common problems encountered in the cherry shed by growers, and the main characteristics of RLF Plant Milk products.

Plant Milk is rich in all the nutrients required for the growth of cherries, with the features of comprehensive nutrition, easy absorption under low temperature, high utilisation, pure nutrients and no hormones. The reliable introduction of corporate brands and products had created great interest among the local farmers.

The farmers listen carefully to the speakers

After the discussions had concluded and the ordering program and rules established by the Market Development Director, Qiu Mengbin, the farmers then began to enquire and order their product.

The meeting room was crowded with cherry growers all placing orders


Through the efforts of the team and the cooperation of dealers and retailers, a total of 20 tons of Plant Milk was ordered on the day. This not only means that the grower gets the benefits of this excellent product but it opens up its popularity and expands its influence throughout the cherry sheds.

The Wafangdian cherry picking season will begin with the Spring Festival, and RLF will be there to observe the outcomes and successes for the farmers who applied RLF Plant Milk. Good income and good times ahead!

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