Marketing the Benefits of this Favourite Fruit in China

Marketing the Benefits of this Favourite Fruit in China

The Sugar Orange

The sugar orange is a famous variety of citrus. It is a favourite for people due to its high nutritional value and sweet and sour taste. This therefore makes the sugar orange a very valuable fruit and vegetable commodity with high economic value.

With access to much further information via the Internet, sales of the sugar orange have increased significantly. Growers are happier too, because they have better economic returns.

RLF’s Nutritional Program for Sugar Orange

In conjunction with the human nutritional benefits marketing program, RLF has provided a specially developed nutritional program for the sugar orange – and many farmers adopted the RLF crop nutrition program as a consequence.

The Sales Director for the Southern China Regions, Lai Youying, visited the Bincheng Fruit Co-operative in Toupai Village, Jinxiu County, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province on 17th November 2016 to follow the progress of one such crop nutrition program.

He checked the performance of those sugar orange crops treated with RLF product and discovered that the RLF treated sugar orange crops :

Three RLF crop nutrition products were used for the sugar orange crop.

They were :

1 Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar and Boron Plus Foliar (applied during the flowering phase)

2 Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar (applied in the young fruiting phase)

3 Potassium Plus Foliar (applied at the fruit turning colour phase)


The growers were very satisfied with the effects of the three RLF specialty products on the sugar orange crop. They plan to continue with this specially developed program and to use RLF products on their crops in future years.

RLF seeks to provide farmers with high-technology products that create greater values in terms of fruit quality, as well as measured economic investment with greater economic return for the growers.

RLF is delighted with the outcome for the growers of sugar orange in China.