'On Solid Ground' examines the science that underpins RLF products

On Solid Ground is a series of eleven conversational videos covering the important science-based principles that underpin the development of RLF crop nutrition fertilisers. RLF’s Communications and Media Consultant Carol Phillips talks with Plant Physiologist and Head of Technical Dr Hooshang Nassery about what the science tells us about plant nutrition.

This engaging series also explores the Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) program that was developed as a result of understanding the science of plant physiology and plant needs. RLF’s IFM practice creates the best fertiliser environment for optimum growth, crop health and yield. It also has many economical advantages for the farmer or grower.

The series has been called On Solid Ground for good reason, because the science of plant physiology provides the indisputable basis upon which all RLF products are developed.

About the Presenters

Hooshang is RLF’s Plant Physiologist and he heads the company’s Research, Development and Technical team. He brings the knowledge and enthusiasm for the industry with over 40 years of experience and he has played a central role in a number of new product developments, including the world-leading and innovative seed nutrition technology BSN.
Carol is RLF’s Communications, Media and Policy consultant. She is the main author of information, marketing and website publications and part of her role is to plan targeted marketing and information strategies and resources for both customers and the wider RLF team.
Video No.1 is About Plant Nutrition and Why it is Vital. And there are 10 more to follow after this one. The full catalogue of presentations is
as follows :

No. Title
1 Plant Nutrition and Why it is Vital
2 Why you can’t get Maximum Yield without Crop Nutrition
3 The Benefits of Bigger Root Growth
4 The Practice of Integrated Fertiliser Management
5 The Role of Phosphorus
6 The Function of Low pH in Foliar
7 Seed Priming or Imbibing
8 New Technology RLF Products
9 Achieving Economic Return for the Farmer
10 Modern Farming Fertiliser Practice
11 Bringing New Products to the Market

Downloadable presentations and/or a printed fact sheet and summary of each of the presentations is available. The website at will also give links to further information about a specific practice or a product mentioned.

This series has been developed to enable farmers everywhere to draw knowledge and understanding about the technical aspects of RLF product development and why the benefits so confidently expressed can be expected. It is not a matter of faith, or good luck, it is a matter of science.

Video No. 1 | Plant Nutrition and Why it is Vital

You are invited to view Video No.1 Plant Nutrition and Why it is Vital as the roll out begins. Each week a new video will be released as we help educate, inform and support our customers through the sharing of our extensive knowledge base.