Case-sharing the Beneficial Effects of RLF Broadacre Plus on the Crop

In mid-March 2020, during the wheat rejuvenation period, many farmers in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province foliar sprayed their wheat crops with RLF Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus.

At the end of the month the RLF Technical Team visited the wheat fields to observe their progress and to provide further information and answer any questions that the farmers may have had.

As can be seen from the plant comparisons, the wheat treated with RLF Broadacre Plus has many root bifurcations, well-developed root system and thicker stems. The effect of raising seedlings becomes obvious because the leaves are thick, the numbers increase, and the speed of leaf emergence is faster.

As can be seen from the plant comparisons, the wheat seedling sprayed with RLF Broadacre Plus had characteristics of:

  • the number of new white roots was much higher
  • the stalks at the base were obviously white
  • the stalks were thicker and stronger
  • the number of disease spots were less

Mr Ma, at the scene, also recognised the excellent performance of RLF Broadacre Plus and expressed that he would continue to use it.

Throughout April, the nutritional and reproductive growth of wheat in North China will be carried out at the same time, and crops will gradually enter into their booting, heading and flowering period. In the next two months of management, it is recommended to spray Broadacre Plus at the jointing booting stage and the filling stage respectively, which can effectively increase the number of grains per ear, increase the seed setting rate and thousand-grain weight, and increase wheat yield.

We will also continue to follow Mr Ma’s wheat trial visit to observe the later performance and final yield, and look forward to sharing the joy of increasing wheat yield and harvest with other growers.

About the UAV Product

RLF Broadacre Plus is a pure nutrient product.

It contains 12 essential and chelated large, medium and micro nutrient elements that are all necessary for healthy crops. It delivers comprehensive nutrition with a high absorption rate.

It is also a proven product that can be mixed safely and efficiently with a variety of crop protection products that can be applied during the same flight control operation.