Technical Education and Product Advice Taken to Growers in Guangxi

September is the peak period for citrus growth and development, particularly fruit peel thinning and flesh expansion. It is also an important period for annual crop management.

In order to help more growers grow high-quality citrus and improve their crop management techniques, on 16th September 2018, RLF held a series of observation and educational lectures on citrus nutrition. These were hosted by Liuzhou Huaqiao Farm, Guangxi. These lectures attracted the interest of almost 100 growers who all actively participated.

Participants at the observation meeting site

The first demonstration field of 30mu (2 hectares) was planted with Nanfeng orange. It showed features of even fruit shape, bright fruit surface, thick green leaves and had basically no yellow leaves.

Mr Huang the farmer, spoke to other local farmers about his fertiliser program for the orchard. The effects were obvious after one foliar spray with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus then two foliar sprays with RLF Potassium Boost. No matter how the comparisons were made, whether from glossiness or fruit shape, there was a marked improvement when compared with the Control citrus crop.

In addition to the demonstration orchard of 30mu (2 hectares) showing RLF-treated v Control, Mr Huang’s other orchards were all applied with an RLF crop nutrition program. In all he has nearly 100mu (7 hectares) of citrus and the effect is very recognisable.

The fruit in the demonstration field has begun to turn color.

Another demonstration field is planted with citrus gonggan. The grower Mr Luo, is already a big fan of RLF products and has used a wide range of RLF Ultra Foliar products during the management of his orchards.

The citrus Gonggan treated with RLF products has the features of uniform size and bright fruit surface.
Throughout the demonstration and education day many fruit farmers said that the RLF treated citrus Gonggan was really beautiful and they actively exchanged and shared the experiences of their own orchards. A local farmer told of how there were big and small fruits in his orchard this year, despite the application of a potassium fertiliser. It is not as good however as the orchard treated with RLF products. Many growers had felt the same experience and looked with increasing interest at the technology used by RLF.

Helping Growers Understand the Technology behind RLF Products

Ma Deliang, the Technical Director of RLF China gives a presentation for the local farmers.

At the exchange meeting, Ma Deliang, the Technical Director of RLF China, answered the questions of growers, shared the irreplaceable role of foliar nutrition in citrus tree maintenance and fruit improvement, analysed the mechanism and characteristics of RLF products and introduced the application methods for all stages of citrus growth.

Director Ma said that citrus growers generally know that potassium fertiliser should be applied during the fruit swelling and coloring period, but they often do not know how to choose the correct type of potassium fertiliser. The result is that many growers thought that the higher the content, the better the effect. In fact, the key is to ensure the absorption and utilisation of potassium element. RLF Potassium Boost is a super concentrated active liquid potassium containing 450g/L of pure potassium. It uses a unique transdermal technology to quickly penetrate the fruit surface and the stratum corneum of the leaves into the inside of the fruit and the leaves. This significantly improves photosynthesis, promoting the photosynthetic product transported to the fruit, accelerating the fruit expansion, achieving the effects of early colour change, uniform coloration and good gloss.

In October, citrus enters the colour change period.

During this period, attention should be paid to the application of less, or even no nitrogen fertiliser using mainly potassium fertiliser supplemented with phosphate, calcium and magnesium, whilst still paying attention to supplement trace elements. Director Ma reminded the citrus growers that a foliar application of RLF Potassium Boost at 1500-2000 times dilution on 2-3 occasions can better promote even fruit colouring, bright fruit surface, good flavor and good fruit quality. For the situation of immature autumn shoots and uneven fruit colour change proposed by the growers, Director Ma suggested that the combination of furrow injection and foliar spraying can be adopted to improve the root vigour and enhance the nutritional level of the trees. The recommended solution is to furrow inject with RLF Dynamo High-P, Plant Milk High-K and foliar spray with Fruits & Veggies Plus, Potassium Boost
and Power PK.

The full suite of RLF products for inclusion in a Citrus Nutrition Program

About Liuzhou Huaqiao Farm, Guangxi

In the past ten years, the Liuzhou citrus industry has achieved rapid development and its scale is expanding.

According to the Liuzhou Citrus Industry Development Plan (2016-2025), by 2020 its citrus industry will grow to 1.1 million mu (73,333 hectares), and by 2025 it will grow further to 1.3 million mu (86,667 hectares). Opportunities and challenges however co-exist, especially in the new planting areas. The fruit farmers still lack sufficient knowledge of crop management techniques and have little understanding of fertiliser plans. Their crops subsequently often suffer problems such as frequent disease attacks, fruit protection difficulties, low yield and poor quality.

Adequate and balanced nutrition is a prerequisite for high yield and quality.

RLF is committed to providing high-quality and efficient nutritional products and scientific technical services to the Guangxi orange farmers. They wish to assist with the solving of these practical problems for farmers, and to help them realise higher yield, better quality and higher price of citrus, thereby creating more economic benefits for the orange farmers.