Q. How Could This Be? A. With RLF Intellitrace Copper.
These pictures tell an amazing story.

It is the experience of one Victorian grower and his lentil crop.

And the truly amazing feature is that this dramatic response happened within the space of just one week.

The Key Ingredient

After discussion with RLF’s NSW Fields Operations Manager Richard Stone and Plant Nutritionist and Head of RLF’s Technical Division Dr Hooshang Nassery, one Victorian lentil grower from the Western Wimmera District identified copper deficiency in his lentil crop.
A remedial foliar application of 1 litre/ha of RLF Intellitrace Copper and 1litre/ha Zinc Sulphate was then sprayed onto the lentil crop.

The product chosen was RLF Intellitrace Copper, a new to the market chelated foliar product developed to provide rapid uptake into the leaf with free movement of nutrient to the plant and root system.

As can be seen from the images there is a BIG difference in growth and overall health of the crop. At the time the grower commented, “the timing of the spray application in early September as the weather was warmer was one of the key factors towards rapid change in the crop”. As the weather warms up, both plant growth and soil activity increase, and so the uptake and effect of foliar application has a greater, more profound result.

More About RLF Intellitrace Copper – It’s Difference is that it is SODIUM FREE

It is a high performing chelated crop nutrition fertiliser for application by either foliar spraying and/or and fertigaton.

The sustainability effect of the product in correcting copper deficiency and facilitating trace metal mobility makes it ideal for horticultural crops and economical for broadacre crops.

Most EDTA chelated trace element powders, and many chelated liquids are derived from sodium salt. Whilst the trace elements are presumed to be chelated, these products often deliver unwanted sodium to the plant.

The IntelliTrace product range fixes this sodium problem in chelates. Intellitrace Copper contains copper and potassium, and it is this beneficial K that replaces the unwanted sodium with each of the products in the Intellitrace product range.