In today’s world – more than ever before – farmers and growers must focus their energies and practices on ensuring optimum nutrient supply to their crops during all stages of growth. This is an imperative not only for fulfilling the world market needs for food, but for maximising financial return to the grower. Only with the crop’s nutrient requirements completely satisfied can a plant achieve its maximum yield and quality.

RLF has developed a highly specialised fertiliser product called Ultra Foliar. One of its main aims is to increase plant yield and quality. It is a revolutionary product, with a revolutionary Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), and deserves to be ‘front and centre’ of your understanding and recognition of just how the benefits can apply to you.

RLF is therefore pleased to launch – giving Ultra Foliar its own website which outlines all its benefits, and answers all the questions that you might have. But for starters :

  1. The NDS allows for foliar nutrient to be taken into the plant through the leaf at a substantially more efficient rate than other commonly used products or practices – between 300% – 350% better.
  2. It can deliver broad-spectrum package of 12 nutrients in a single easy application.
  3. It eliminates paddock and soil variability issues.
  4. Independent trials in Australia show average yield increase of 14.6%.

And, the list goes on.

RLF welcomes you to this specialised information site, and we invite you to read the information, view the data, take in our presentations and learn about the benefits of Ultra Foliar. Learn how Ultra Foliar :

  • increases yield
  • improves crop quality and value
  • improves NPK + soil element uptakes
  • fixes paddock variability
  • provides a solution for Hidden Hunger
  • builds organic matter
  • reduces NPK use + costs
  • buffers the effects of agricultural chemicals
  • resists disease
  • handles the vagaries of climate for what could be the best decision that you will make for your business. A product that delivers benefits unlike any other on the market today.