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RLF is the world-leader in Seed Priming technology through its range of BSN Seed Priming Fertilisers.

For over twenty years RLF has developed, reviewed and refined a range of specialised products that deliver nutrient directly inside the seed, thereby ensuring vital early vigour and strong future growth for the plant. The advantages of this powerful advance in modern farming practice are remarkable and are very well documented. Seed-priming delivers the optimum nutrients required for the seed embryo to register its future yield potential and as a result the development of greater shoot and root mass.

Farmers and growers everywhere are looking for crop advantage and RLF has now simplified this process by putting everything that you need to know about Seed Priming in the one place for you to access. Not only can you learn about our incredible range of Seed Priming products, you will better understand the technology behind the process of ‘fertilising the seed’. This site gives you rapid access to the latest videos, trial results, other grower’s experiences, and hundreds of images that showcase the beneficial results of the BSN range of products.

Being part of this continuing story has never been easier.

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