RLF’s Dedicated Chemicals and related information Site

RLF recognises the importance of understanding compatibility facts and is pleased to launch – a site dedicated to understanding the compatibility of the RLF product range with industry chemicals and other agricultural products such as fungicides, pesticides and herbicides.

Some of the features offered by this website are immediate home page access to :

1. RLF’s comprehensive Chemicals Compatibility Data Matrix

2. Unique search function so that you can find the information you require quickly

3. Email access to RLF’s Senior Process Chemist for any specific enquiry that you may have

RLF welcomes you to this specialised information site, which can also be readily accessed with your mobile phone or tablet.

RLF supporting you with better, quicker access to the important chemical and other related information and science-based data that you may need.


CAUTION : It is always recommended that you check compatibility, and do not mix alkaline copper fungicides or inoculates. Jar testing is advised if you are unsure. Mix together and check if a reaction occurs. Whilst we recommend RLF product to obtain the optimum results, apply individually, as we recognise on-farm practices include mixing with other chemicals to reduce the number of applications.