RLF Expands its Education, Advice and Marketing Reach

After the National Day holiday, the Sales Managers from the Northern China Team gathered in Shangqiu, Henan Province. They were here to commence an agricultural technology service to both old and new customers throughout the countryside. Team members from both the Technical and Marketing Departments participated.

This was very much a team effort and a newly developed customer service direction for RLF China.

This publication is the forerunner to a series of positive and fruitful stories showcasing the work of the Team as they meet
their customers.

The passionate RLF Northern China Team on 10th October 2018 on Suiyang Avenue,
Liangyuan District, Shangqiu City, Henan Province

At the Strawberry Planting Base

The strawberry base in Daizhuang, Shuangba Town, Shangqiu City, Henan Province is one of the destinations that was visited for observation and planting advice.

Daizhuang began to grow strawberries in 1998. Currently the planting area has reached 10,000mu (667 hectares), and it is mostly planted in greenhouses. Team Northern China was divided into four groups. They went into the countryside, amongst old and new customers to provide guidance, product advice and technical education. This ranged from the science of fertilisation, specific product information, to imparting knowledge on planting techniques.

In action in the field

Case Study of Strawberry

Miss Liu has four strawberry greenhouses.

But it was found that the phenomenon of dead seedlings was impacting her enterprise very seriously following the planting of the strawberry plants this year. The death rate of Tianxian Drunk varieties was greater than 50%. This was an enormous worry for her because she did not know how to prevent her situation from deteriorating. After observing the strawberry orchard, the Agricultural Services Team found that the root pith of the strawberry seedlings was brownish red. This is a typical symptom of the Red Root Column Rot. Subsequently, a solution was placed before Miss Liu for her consideration. This advice was to soak the root with fungicide plus RLF Dynamo High-P at 800 times dilution for 15-20 minutes at planting, and then furrow inject Dynamo High-P after planting to prevent disease.

Generally, within this planting area the phenomenon of Red Root Column Rot was found to be common. In some extreme cases there were instances of 40,000 strawberry seedlings needing to be replanted, with another grower visited who had to replant 50,000 strawberry seedlings – this has a huge impact on the economics of the crop so solutions need to be found.

Further action in the field

In view of this situation, the RLF Team attached great importance to it. They urgently prepared a response plan, to try and save the farmers’ economic losses.

The Farmers Technical Training Conference

This was held in Daizhuang on the evening of 14th October 2018. The meeting introduced the common diseases associated with strawberry planting, especially the current problem of Red Root Column Rot. A disease prevention plan was launched which solved many of the urgent problems for growers, especially those beset by Red Root Column Rot disease. Further, the modern method of irrigation and injection was explained which was new territory for most of the farmers who still use the ‘old’ method of flood irrigation. The meeting attracted more than 20 growers who participated and the session received a warm response.

At the Daizhuang Strawberry Farmers Technical Training Conference

After the meeting the farmers continued to ask questions

Affirming Support for RLF Service and Products

In Weilou Village, Yucheng County, Shangqiu, when the RLF Agricultural Technology Team went into the countryside and visited the customers and users of RLF products, many farmers told of how they had been using this product for seven or eight years! There were also farmers who specifically stopped by to praise RLF products and to tell their stories of the excellent application effects they received when they saw the Team in their vehicle. And this positive and productive feedback is not a minority. The support and recognition of RLF products by the local farmers has made the RLF Agricultural Service Team proud and delighted.

Here are some words of evaluation on RLF services and products by the Yucheng growers:

The RLF Team has always been full of passion for their customers in Shangqiu. In their work they summed up and made continuous progress. In the meantime, the RLF team not only felt the sense of social responsibility of agricultural enterprises, the sense of achievement in helping farmers solve problems, but also the joy of ploughing and harvesting.

Farmers buying RLF products

The RLF Agricultural Technology Services Team

For the present, the activities in Shangqiu have come to an end.

But this is not the end of the road for the RLF Agricultural Technology Services Team! It now moves on to Liaocheng, Shandong, where it continues to deepen the front-line services of sales, education and technical advice.

Together we are all looking forward to new achievements!