How a Specialised Crop Nutrition Program Plays a Key Role
The spiking stage is a critical period of growth for a corn crop. This is the time the crop needs optimum nutrients as it’s needs are at their greatest.

Spiking Stage is Critical

The spiking stage is a critical period for the growth for corn.

During this period, the stems and leaves of corn grow vigorously. The male and female plants begin to differentiate, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the plant develop simultaneously, and the input values of water consumption and fertiliser use are at their greatest.

At the same time, this is when agricultural pests are most frequent. Therefore, the effective panicle and grain numbers, and the plant’s growth and development have an important influence on the corn yield at this particular stage of growth. So, the key to high corn yield relies heavily on ensuring strong plants with close crop management during this period.

As the saying goes, “the key to growing crops is good management”.

RLF Manager for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhao Daqing recently visited the local corn growers. By sharing the demonstration farmer’s fertiliser and management approach during this key growth stage for the corn crop, he hopes it will enlighten a vast number of corn growers.

The ear length of the RLF treated corn reaches almost 30cm

Comparing the Corn Fields

The visual difference between the Demonstration field and the Control field can be seen. And the reason for these differences is because of the different fertiliser management approaches.

Demonstration Field Fertiliser Program

The product used in the demonstration field:

15th June 2017 Fertigation with Plant Milk High-N at 2.5 Jin (1.5 kg) per mu land.
23rd June 2017 Fertigation with Plant Milk High-K at 2.5 Jin (1.5 kg) per mu land.
29th June 2017 Fertigation with Plant Milk High-K at 2.5 Jin (1.5 kg) per mu land.
9th July 2017 Fertigation with Plant Milk High-K at 2.5 Jin (1.5 kg) per mu land.

Control Field Fertiliser Program

Fertigation with common Urea at 10 Jin (6 kg) per mu land.

Observations and Measurements

It is known that the spiking stage is the period that needs the most fertiliser and the maximum fertiliser intensity in the whole growth cycle of a corn crop. The absorption amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accounts for 50%, 52% and 75% of the total growth period of corn respectively. Good management can ensure healthy plant growth, promote ear development and floret differentiation and increase the grain number. RLF fertigation products Plant Milk High-N and Plant Milk High-K can sufficiently meet the nutritional needs of corn during this period of time and lay a solid foundation for late lodging resistance and increased yield.

The RLF Sales and Support Team selected and compared the corn from both the Demonstration and Control Fields. They also conducted field measurements and records on the plant height, ear height, ear length, stem diameter and leaf width of corn.

The specific data was as follows :

Measuring ear height
Measuring leaf width

Measuring plant height
Measuring stem diameter

Comparison on stem diameter

Benefits of the Products Used on Corn

The excellent results :