Manageable size. Affordable price. A complete package for small-holding farmers
Manageable size. Affordable price. A complete package for small-holding farmers.

JOEY FERTILIZER represents a complete package of key liquid fertiliser products developed by Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) especially for Asian farmers. They are available in either 1-litre or 2-litre quantities and are priced competitively to the market.

RLF’s Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock said “as we launch this website today, we are confident that the product range will support the most essential needs of the modern-day small-holding farmer. It represents the widest possible range of farm fertilizer requirements, and is expected to give greater access to high quality crop nutrition products for family-based and other small to medium size farming enterprises”.

JOEY Fertilizers is a valuable addition to the RLF range of products and one that the company is proud to launch.

The product are :
  • JOEY Seed Priming Fertilizer
  • JOEY Field Crops Ultra Foliar Fertilizer
  • JOEY Fruits & Veggies Ultra Foliar Fertilizer
  • JOEY Pasture Foliar Fertilizer
  • JOEY Nutrient Charger Fertilizer
  • JOEY Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • JOEY Potassium Fertilizer
  • JOEY Fertigation Fertilizer
  • JOEY Rapid Max Foliar Fertilizer
  • JOEY Rapid Zinc Foliar Fertilizer

The range supports crop types such as cereal, rice, vegetable, fruit, pasture, sugar and other speciality crops. And, it covers every fertilizer category such as seed priming, ultra foliar, dipping for root systems and plant parts, fertigation for irrigation systems and element specialties for crop deficiency needs. In every sense these products are the complete package for small, diverse and
localised farmers and food producers.

JOEY FERTILIZER products are manufactured in Australia by world-leading liquid fertiliser company RLF and packaged, branded and made available predominately for farmers with small to moderate farm enterprises. They are trusted products, and contain the same high-quality nutrient elements, and same exceptional qualities and innovative technologies developed by RLF for distribution to farmers and growers in high-production broadacre farming enterprises across the world.