A Sodium Free, 100% EDTA Chelated, Trace Element Range

RLF plans to introduce its latest range of trace element specialty liquid fertiliser products at CAC 2018.

The prestigious China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition is being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai from 7th – 9th March 2018. This annual event showcases a wide range of agricultural, chemical and fertiliser products, so is an ideal event in which to launch innovative new crop nutrition products to the market.

Intellitrace – The Difference

Most chelated trace element powders, and many chelated liquids available on the market today are derived from sodium salt. Whilst the trace elements may be chelated, these products often deliver unwanted sodium to the plant. This is the undesirable effect that RLF has eliminated from its product range.

The intelligent trace element range offers five specialty products:

Intellitrace Zinc

Intellitrace Copper

Intellitrace Manganese

Intellitrace Iron

Intellitrace Insync (containing nitrogen,
phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese in
one formulation)

RLF has successfully formulated these products so that the metals of zinc, copper, manganese and iron are fully chelated whilst replacing the unwanted and problematic sodium with valuable (and beneficial) potassium in each of the formulations.

Scientifically, this delivers many benefits.

100% EDTA trace element chelate
is not metabolised within the plant, therefore provides a shuttling action for all trace elements whether absorbed from the soil or as a foliar
the elimination of sodium removes the competition of unwanted sodium with other essential cations and trace elements in
the exchange sites of leaf tissue
by eliminating sodium it allows the safe use of Intellitrace at higher concentrations as compared to other chelates
its passive and mass movement in the cell wall space of the leaf is faster than other chelates due to the replacement of sodium with potassium
the EDTA shuttling action in transporting different trace elements within the plant is easier when sodium is replaced
with potassium
allows stomatal uptake better than other chelates because potassium opens the stomata, whilst sodium closes it
phloem mobility is facilited by potassium, therefore by removing sodium it eases the long-distance phloem transport
the pH of copper, zinc and manganese are perfectly balanced and within the natural pH range of leaf tissue

Intellitrace – The Benefits

High analysis

High analysis

Excellent tank compatibility over a wide pH range

Can be used safely at significantly high rates when compared to sulphates (i.e. zinc, copper and manganese sulphate), nitrates and phosphate sources which are known to cause
leaf burn

Ready to use

Cost effective

Efficient use of trace elements

Why pay for sodium in EDTA products when Intellitrace can provide 100% sodium-free EDTA chelated trace elements PLUS valuable potassium in one cost effective formulation.