'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 11 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 11 featuring Grant Borgward

Today’s presentation, No.11 in the series, is about integrated fertiliser management (IFM).

This is the RLF concept of defining a ‘new standard’ that looks at, and allocates, the farmer’s set budget for his fertiliser spend each year. IFM is responding to the innovation and change needed within the agricultural sector in order that best practice continues to evolve – for the sake of the soil, for the sake of yield outcomes and for the challenge of filling the food basket across the world. This clearly has an impact on the financial returns to a farming enterprise as well.

We say, “spend some of it on granular fertiliser, some of it on seed treatment and some of it on a foliar spray” – this is IFM. This ensures that all three pathways to the plant are thoroughly supported.

RLF’s formula will see a farmer spend approximately 80%-85% on NPK (or granular fertiliser) with the balance of 15%-20% spent on seed treatments and foliar sprays. This should give a much greater return than if 100% is spent on granular fertiliser alone.

Listen and watch Grant explain the finer details and intended outcomes of integrated fertiliser management (IFM).

View the video at the link below.

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