'Two Mix Three Spray' Program Delivers 39% Increase in Yield
RLF recently organised a rice production measurement observation meeting in Nanyang Village, Zhangtiansi Town, Gongan County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. Yield measurement results, showed that the rice treated with the RLF’s BSN Superstrike and RLF’s Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus increased yield by 513 jin (257 kg) per 1000 sqm land. This equated to a 39% yield growth rate, and about 450 yuan (88 $AU) increase in value. In one word, the effect of increasing production and income

Details of the Test Site & Program

RLF Sales Manager in Hubei Province, Bai Yigen, recorded the application effects of the RLF Integrated Fertiliser Management program for rice on 16th July 2017. Locally it is called the two mix and three spray program.

Seed Priming Date 23rd March 2017
Germination Date 24th March 2017
Observation Dates 27th April 2017, 22nd May 2017 and 8th July 2017
Test Location Nanyang Village, Zhangtiansi Town, Gongan County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province.
Rice Variety Early season rice, Zhefu 6.
Demonstration Farmer Yang Xiancai
The Product used and
Application Program
Apply 100ml BSN Superstrike to 500ml water for 20 Jin (10 kg) rice seed and mix evenly with hands until all seed is covered.
Apply 40ml Broadacre Plus to 30 jin (15 litres) water for each mu of land and foliar spray
onto the crop.
Test method Select two adjacent paddy fields sown with early season rice for comparison. The Control
field was sown 3 days ahead of the demonstration field. The observation and comparison
times were carried out at three leaves and one heart period, elongation stage and harvest
period of rice.

Observation Phase 1. The Three Leaves and One Heart Period of Rice

The demonstration field

Comparison on Root System

The rice field treated with the two mix and three spray program show highly significant effects. The plants formed a thick and strong root system, and there were many white roots as well as fine roots putting themselves down into the soil. These all play an important role in supporting the rice crop and guarding it against future drought or lodging resistance. Strong and healthy root systems set the plant up for excellent grain set and yield performance.

Comparison on the Thickness of the Stems

When measured, the rice stem that was treated with RLF products was 0.5mm thicker than the Control rice plant.

Comparison on the Number of Tillers

The rice field treated with the RLF Integrated Fertiliser Program had earlier tiller growth.

Almost all of the rice germinated with at least one tiller – but most with more than one. Some had up to three at the three leaves and one heart phase of rice growth. Importantly, the tillers were all healthy and strong. There were no dead tillers affected by low temperature, and the first leaf of the rice seedling is light green.

In comparison, only some of the Control rice crop showed tiller growth, with many going on to become ineffective tillers because of the low temperature. Often the first leaf of tillering withered and died.

Summarising the Three Leaves and One Heart Phase

By comparing the root, tiller growth and seedling potential, the rice two mix and three spray program had significantly better characteristics and effects.

These were:

the development of vigorous root systems with healthy white roots as well as fine hair roots
earlier, and stronger tiller growth with good cold and drought resistant effect
vigorous and even seedling growth with healthy and lasting top growth

Observation Phase 2. The Elongation Stage of Rice.

Observation Phase 3. The Harvest Time of Rice

The Demonstration Field at Harvest Time

The Products Used

BSN Superstrike

Fertiliser for Seeds. The engineered delivery system allows seed to absorb a multi-nutrient formulation with increased phosphorus. High-analysis and Broad-spectrum.

easy to apply with quick uptake of nutrient
‘kick-starts’ germination
supplies energy for robust early growth and setting higher yield potential new world standard for modernfarming practice
Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar

Ultra Foliar Fertiliser with 12 essential nutrients. Taken up by the leaf through the cell walls for the plant’s immediate use. High-analysis and Broad-spectrum for all broadacre crops.

increases growth and improves yield qualities
guards against soil nutrient variability and deficiency
delivers a greater size and volume root system
returns more matter to the soil enhancing natural soil fertility