Independent Trial And Field Result Very Positive

On the 26th March 2013 RLF China held a distributor and retailer conference in the city of Xiangchen, a base to over 1.2m people, which is located in the Henan provence of China. This event was organised by the team at RLF China with the support of one of RLF’s most progressive distributors. The conference had in excess of 300 people who had come to Xiangchen to see Dr Hooshang Nassery deliver a presentation on some of the key RLF products such as BSN Superstrike and the RLF broad spectrum foliar range.

Most excitingly was that after the presentation, in excess of 40 mini-buses transferred the group to a demonstration and trial field facility on the outskirts of the city. This facility is independently operated by the local Agricultural authorities and included a field trial of the BSN and foliar range. The results are stunning!

With such positive field results the group was able to reinforce their confidence in promoting the RLF product range, knowing that again the results are very obvious and genuinely should make a financial difference to the farmer.