How Farmers are Benefiting from an RLF Foliar Crop Nutrition Program

To achieve a high yield of soybean, it is necessary to foliar supplement the secondary and trace elements at the important and different stages of soybean growth.

RLF’s foliar crop nutrition program for soybean aims at strengthening leaves to enhance photosynthesis. This enables a higher pod bearing rate with full-grain of soybean being achieved. And this increases yield.

The RLF Better Profit Project launched over the past 12 months in China has achieved success on many main crop types, such as wheat, rice, corn and potato.

Today we are going to share the excellent effect on soybean.

Evaluation Trial Details Case Study No.1

Location Huangxu Village, Sanzhuang Town, Siyang County, Jiangsu Province (Research Base of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Planting Mode Soybean was interplanted with Pecan at the ratio Soybean : Pecan = 8:2
Trial Area 60mu in total with 50mu trialing RLF program with 10mu as Control
Control Program Another brand of foliar fertiliser
RLF Program Growth Period Application Date Products and Application Rates
Pre-flowing period 22nd July Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar at 40ml/mu
After-flowing period 16th August Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar at 40ml/mu
Seed filling period 26th August Power PK Foliar at 40ml/mu


On 18th September 2020 the RLF Technical team revisited the site. It was apparent that the RLF demonstration field had strong branches and leaves and a high pod bearing rate. By comparison there was apparent premature ageing in the Control field.


  • Of Individual Plants

The height of the plants treated by the RLF crop nutrition program was 1.5cm higher than that of the Control. And the average number of soybean pods with RLF treatment was 3.8 more than the Control.

  • Of Yield

The evaluation field yield averaged 198.9kg per mu. The control field averaged 163.8kg per mu.

This gave an average increase of 35.1kg/mu with an increase of 210.6 yuan per mu (selling price is 6 yuan/kg). The total income of the 50mu exceeded 10,000 yuan.

Average height (cm) Average number of pods per plant Average grain number per pod Hundred grain weight(g) Yield (kg/mu) Increased yield (kg/mu) Increased by Increased income (CNY/mu)
Control 50.5 19.5 44.8 17.5 163.8      
RLF-treated 52.0 23.3 53.6 17.5 198.9 35.1 +21.4% 210.6

The results showed that by undertaking the foliar spraying RLF Better Profit program in the flowering and drum-grain stages could promote the preservation of flowers and pods, increase the seed setting rate, prevent premature senility, and effectively increase the yield and income of soybean.

Evaluation Trial Details Case Study No.2

As the most critical soybean area in China, the soybean planting area of Heilongjiang province accounts for nearly half of the country’s total planting area. RLF foliar fertilizer is also widely used here. In early October, the technical team of RLF visited several soybean farmers, and the results were well recognized.

Location Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province
Farmer Mr Ding Rong Xue
Trial Area 15mu treated by RLF Program, 15mu as control
RLF Program Timing Products and Usage
Initial flowering stage Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar at 40ml/mu
Full bloom stage Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar at 40ml/mu


On 14th October 2020, the yield of the evaluation field was 2,400kg, and in contrast the yield of the Control field was 2,200kg.

The average yield was increased by 13.33kg per mu, and the local selling price was 4 yuan/kg, so the actual income was increased by 800 yuan in total.