A Study Shown through the Health of the Leaf
The long time dry climate in Luogang Village, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province affected the root development and spring growth for the pomelo crop, causing the shoots to present with a comprehensive range of physiological deficiency symptoms.

An RLF nutritional fertiliser program was implemented and the Sales Manager in Guangdong Province paid a visit to the pomelo plantation to check on results.

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Outlining the Fertiliser Program

Test Dates March – May 2017
Test Location Luogang Village, Taoyao Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province
Test Purpose This study was designed to correct the deficiency symptoms presenting in the spring shoots with a view to reversing those effects back to normal. Further; to lay a solid foundation for cultivating strong autumn shoots, thereby reducing the risk of fruiting branches being affected by stunted spring shoots, balancing the nutrient need between spring shoots and the young fruit, and improving fruit setting rate and promoting fruit expansion.
Test Farmer Zhang Liqin
Test Area 4 Mu (0.27 hectare), with an average of 70 trees. hair loss treatment. Biopharmaceuticals that contain nitrates should never be taken with a cheap cialis tablet online. This can lead to very harmful reactions putting the health of the patient at risk.. The pomelo plantation is 17 years old.

The Ultra Foliar Fertiliser Program

In the Demonstration Field
Foliar spray with Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar on three occasions at 600 times dilution and at an interval of 10 days.

Fertigation with Plant Milk High-N on two occasions in accordance with recommended rates given on the packaging.

The farmer is satisfied with the RLF product and fertiliser program
RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar shows obvious result in solving the deficiency symptoms. The fruit setting rate has been greatly improved and signs of fruit enlargement are being promoted. The farmer is happy because these outcomes will bring increased production and incomes.
In the Control Field
One time foliar spray the high nitrogen foliar fertiliser of generic brand together with two times application of the domestic amino acid and a two times fertigation with a water soluble fertiliser of generic brand.

According to the Sales Manager’s observation, the leaves of the Control pomelo are not fully green, and mottled spots are visible on some leaves. The deficiency symptoms are not improved significantly and the fruit setting rate of the Control field pomelo is low.

The leaves of the Control field pomelo

Showcasing the Story of the Leaves in Photos

About Pomelo and the Region in which it Grows

Meizhou City is the largest production base of pomelo in China.

The Meizhou City in Guangdong Province is famous for its rich pomelo traditions and is known as the town of China pomelo. Its cultivation history goes back 100 years.

Pomelo production has a great impact on the local rural economy and the income of the traditional farmers.

It’s an important role in the economic development of the Meizhou mountain area. At present, pomelo is a pillar industry of the
Meizhou economy.

The planting area of ‘golden pomelo’ in this region reaches 200,000 Mu (13,333 hectares), with a total output of about 170,000 tonnes (170,000,000 kg). When other varieties of pomelos are added the total planting area in Meizhou is approximately doubled to 400,000 Mu (26,667 hectares).

Meizhou is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province. anti fungal and parasites. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, and is a transition zone of south subtropical and mid subtropical climates.

The mild climate, abundant sunshine and rainfall, and fertile soil are suitable for the growth and development of this very
special fruit.