RLF Specialty Fertilisers Delivered by UAV Proves to be Efficient and Effective

As the Northeast rice crops entered their mature harvesting period, the RLF Technical Team revisited the fourth sub-farm of the Friendship Farm to observe crop growth.

Examining the demonstration field treated with RLF products

Demonstration Details

Test Location The fourth sub-farm of Friendship
Farm, Shuangyashan City,
Heilongjiang Province
Test Farmer Dong Deying
Test Area 600mu (40 hectares)
Test Variety Longjing 29, Dongnong 426, Suidao 5
Equipment Used
and Setting
UAV Model: Polar Fly P20
Flying height: 1.5 meters
Flight speed: 4 m/s
Spray width: 3 meters
Flow rate: 600-800ml/mu
Test Products RLF Broadacre Plus
and RLF PowerPK

The test application timings and rates were as follows:

The Major Benefits

NO. 1 Low Water Content and High Income

As shown in the picture, the rice seeds on the LEFT, treated with RLF products were full and golden, and the color contrast was obvious. The water content of the paddy treated with RLF products was tested at 13.2, with the Control field measured at 14.6. Mr Dong confirmed that “the higher water content, the lower seed price”.

NO. 2 Full Rice and High Yield

The weight of a hundred of grains chosen from both the Control and the Test areas was measured with precise instruments. The 100-grain weight of RLF-treated rice seeds was 35.6 and the Control was 32.2. The test paddy was big and full, and the yield was
even higher!

The 100-grain weight test

The Farmer’s Comments About the Test

The field data showed that the yield of the rice treated with RLF products was 10.055 tons per 15mu (1 hectare) land, that is to say, 670kg/mu. Since Mr Dong’s rice was mixed with three varieties, it was impossible to compare precisely with the Control yield. But Mr Dong said that he was very satisfied with the current production, since there was frost in Heilongjiang Province earlier in the year
in September.

Further, his Suihua 5 was a late-maturing variety deeply affected by the frost. At the same time, he said that the average yield of his rice crop last year was about 9 tons per 15mu (1 hectare) land under good weather. This year, under the freezing conditions the output still increased, so the RLF products will continue to be used next year!

In addition, Mr Dong also said that “the rice treated with RLF products had obvious performance at seedling stage. After spraying for 5 days, the effect was obvious with dark green and thick leaves”.

On-site inspection of rice quality

RLF products help farmers achieve increased yield and income even under adverse climatic conditions. But Mr Dong’s story is only one of the many beneficiaries of RLF products. Through safe and efficient methods, RLF products have been proven in rice, wheat and other crops across the country. It has helped many growers to achieve higher yields, better quality and more economic benefits.

The RLF Products Used

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