RLF Crop Nutrition Program that Delivered Exceptional Return for the Farmer

Sweet potato is an excellent cropping plant and consistently shows high yield, high nutritional value and has strong health benefits
as well.

Because of these factors, together with the good economic benefits returned to growers, the recent years have seen an explosion in sweet potato planting. More and more farmers have invested in the sweet potato as a sustainable crop.

With the diversification of the consumer market demand, sweet potato breeders regularly screen for varieties with higher nutritional value and better taste from amongst the many varieties of sweet potato available. Among them, Yanshu 25 is an excellent variety for baking, with a delicate taste, sticky glutinous sweetness, suitable for both the very old and the very young to eat. It has been widely recognised by the market.

A Crop Nutrition Program Especially for Sweet Potato

Aiming to enhance the features of the Yanshu 25 variety, the RLF Technical Team formulated a program known as the Better Sweet
Potato Program.

In September 2020, Liu Aizhong, a farmer in Guzzi District, Tangshan City, harvested 55mu of sweet potatoes. The potatoes were uniform, bright in colour, good in shape and therefore considered to be higher commodity grade.

This is the nutrition program followed:

Location Guzhi District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province
Variety Yanshu 25
Farmer Liu Aizhong
Trial Area 55 mu
Application Period 70 – 80 days after planting
Application Date RLF Products Used
29th June 2020 By irrigation, Plant Milk High-K at 2.5kg/mu
17th July 2020 By irrigation, Plant Milk High-K at 5kg/mu

Understanding the Growth Patterns

During the rapid expansion stage of sweet potatoes, as the stem and leaves begin to stop growing, the leaves’ assimilation materials accelerate the transfer to the new developing tuber. 40% – 50% of the total crop yield is formed during this period.

In the middle and late sweet potato growth period, the amount of potassium needed peaks. Irrigating High Potassium liquid fertiliser helps improve the formation and transportation of carbohydrates, increases the weight and expansion of potato blocks, and increases both starch and sugar content.

During the second period of rapid expansion, Mr Liu irrigated the field with RLF Plant Milk High-K on two occasions. This particular product helps promote the transfer of nutrients to the potato blocks, reduces the consumption of unnecessary nutrients by stems and leaves, increases the accumulation of dry matter in the potatoes, and effectively improves that important sweet potato quality.

According to observation during the on-site return visit, it was noted that the RLF-treated demonstration field leaves were larger and thicker, and the skin color of the sweet potato is redder and brighter.

Fifteen days after irrigation, Mr Liu acknowledged that the appearance of the sweet potatoes skins were redder than the previous year’s harvest. At harvest time, the average potato yield in the RLF-treated area was 4 – 6 per plant. And the potato shape is longer and thinner with smooth skin. Output was increased. And because the size of the potatoes were pieces were uniform, it fits the consumer market standards much better.

The Harvest Results

  • The growth period of the RLF-treated demonstration crop using Plant Milk High-K was 130 days.
  • The yield of commodity potato was 3,150kg, with a rate reached of 91%.
  • The selling price for sweet potato is 2.5yuan/kg giving an income per mu of 7,875 yuan.

Mr Liu was delighted with the results of RLF Plant Milk High-K. The product grade, taste and profit of his sweet potato crop exceeded the previous year’s level. and he has stated that he will continue to use it in the future!