Comparing Fertiliser Management Strategies

Demonstration Trial Details

Picking and Measurement Data

Measurement of Yield and Financial Returns

The purchase price of celery was 2 yuan/kg.

According to the production measurement results, the increase in yield per mu land was 275.4kg, which in turn returned an increase in income – 550yuan per mu land.

The Products Used

The RLF Plant Milk Products
They biochemically chelate a variety of nutrients in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The medium and trace elements are as high as 168g/L, which can effectively supplement the required medium and trace elements. This is especially suitable for treating both soil and plant deficiencies. Enriched with root-promoting factors, making the root system strong and deep, effectively alleviating the various problems caused by continuous cropping. Special NDS nutrient transmission system and bio-initiated technology enables nutrients to be quickly absorbed by crops under low temperature conditions.