Evaluating Fertiliser Program Efficiency

It’s All About Seedling Strength

The greenhouse strawberry growing season was drawing to a close in China, in May. And strawberry growers began to evaluate their crops’ performance alongside each other and ask the question, “why are the strawberries of other grower’s orchards having higher production, better quality and higher efficiency rates than mine?”

The answer to this question lies with the strawberry seedling. A strong seedling is the key to high yielding strawberries, and good seedlings are the basis for strawberry cultivation across the entire year.

The RLF team recently paid a visit to the strawberry growers in Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province.

Changfeng County is known as the ‘Hometown of Chinese Strawberries’ and every year a large number of tourists come to pick strawberries and enjoy beautiful scenery. It has become a characteristic of strawberry agriculture with considerable scale and influence. In fact, in 2018 the strawberry planting area in Changfeng County reached 21 million mu (1 ,400,000 hecatres).

Strawberries treated with a full RLF nutrition program were well-received at the 1 5th Annual Changfeng Strawberry
Culture Festival.

The Evaluation Program

Demonstration Farmer Yan Qibing
Demonstration Address Xiehu Village, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Demonstration Fertiliser Program

Stage One

At the early stage of planting, foliar spray with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus at 500-800 times dilution. Then furrow inject with Dynamo High-P at 300-500 times dilution at 7-10 day intervals. This can promote the strawberry with shallow roots, as both the rhizosphere and the leaf surfaces are fertilised at the same time to ensure the growth and development of the seedlings. The plants are not deficient in nutrients and as a result are much healthier.

The notable differences between RLF-treated and Control:
Generally, the Control strawberry had 2 branches and 1 -2 ramets per branch. The RLF-treated strawberry had 4-5 branches and 3 ramets per branch.

Strawberries treated with RLF products
Stage Two

When the mother plant reaches a vigorous growth stage, the growers need to keep the soil moist. At this time foliar spray 1 -2 times with gibberellins plus RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus. Also furrow inject with RLF Plant Milk High-N at 10-15 day intervals. This can promote the early and multiple growth of the mother plant seedlings and increase the yield of stolon seedlings.

Stage Three

At the late stage of stolons, the use of nitrogen fertilisers is stopped to prevent the seedlings from being long and affecting flower bud differentiation. At this time foliar spray with RLF PowerPK at 1000 times dilution, which is conducive to promote the seedling robustness and flower bud differentiation. It will also cultivate strong seedlings.

The notable differences between RLF-treated and Control:
The strawberries treated with RLF products had thick, dark green and shiny leaves, stout stems, and lack of symptoms and lesions. The quality of the ramets were good and the number of ramets per square metre increased by almost 40% over that of the Control strawberries for continuous use.

Strawberries treated with RLF products

Summing Up

Up until September, Yan Qibing’s strawberry seedlings can be planted in many greenhouses in Changfeng County.

Whoever chooses these seedlings will be able to create greater economic benefits because of yield and quality. And consumers too, will be able to eat more nutritious strawberries!

More Information about the Products Used

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