Another Great RLF Crop Nutrition Program to Fight Environmental Conditions

Evaluation Program

Location Qiao Si Farm, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Crop Strawberry
Trial Area 4 mu
Usage Dates Products Applied
28th July Foliar Spray with Fruits and Veggies Plus + water: 1:500 Foliar Spray with Power PK + Water: 1:500
9nd August Foliar Spray with Power PK + Water: 1:500

Prior to the first foliar application of Fruits & Veggies Plus, the RLF Team chose the worst performing area on the farm to do the trial. The strawberry seedlings in the selected area all grew poorly.

After being sprayed with Fruits and Veggies Plus, the Sales Manager stood amongst the strawberry beds and took this photo. The date was 28th July 2020.

First Return Visit

On 11th August, two days after being foliar sprayed with Power PK, the Team returned to observe the effect of the ‘Anti-High Temperature Program’.

Leaves in the Trial area were dark green and shiny, whilst in the Control area the leaves were found to be lack-lustre, and there were a large number of dead seedlings.

The overall growth of the strawberry seedlings that were treated with the RLF Program had completely outperformed the Control area as the following images show.

Second Return Visit

On 19th August, just ten days after being foliar sprayed with Power PK, the strawberry seedlings under the RLF Crop Nutrition Program were significantly healthier, with dark green and thick stretch leaves, whilst the leaves in the Control beds were weak and curly, and their stalks were thin.

Because of the continuing high temperatures being experienced, all the roots in the Control area became black and died, with only a small number of white roots remaining. However, the roots of strawberry seedlings in the Trial area were yellow, with a large number of white roots, which still maintained root vitality.


There are some lessons to be learned for strawberry growers when they are faced with unseasonably high temperatures.

1. When controlling diseases and insect pests in July – the fourth month in the strawberry growing cycle in the Southeast of China – adding Fruits and Veggies Plus can thicken leaves, strengthen petiole and develop a root system that is conducive for ventilation and light transmission. This can limit or prevent diseases such as anthrax.
2. In August, Power PK should be sprayed with the agrochemical to control the growth of strawberry so that the differentiation of flower buds is promoted.
3. RLF Fruits and Veggies Plus and Power PK when used as part of a controlled nutrition program can effectively increase the root system of the strawberry plant to better assist it in periods of high temperature.