RLF Technical Team on Hand to Advise Growers

On 20th August 2019, the potato base workers in Kangqi Township, Wensu County, Aksu skillfully sorted the potatoes and packed them in boxes.

The 2500-mu potato crop at the base had gradually matured and the scene was filled with the joy and bustle associated with
harvest time.

In an effort to improve both the quality and yield of potatoes, the head of the potato base Tang Banglin, trialled the use of an RLF
nutrition program in two of the fields – 50-mu for each. The remainder was left as Control, which followed the farmers’
normal practice.

The Potato Test Site

The growth stages of potato are generally:

For the Vegetative Stage of Potato

As such, the early and middle stages of potato growth are the key stages for absorbing nutrients – and the nutrients provided need to be in place in advance to ensure all the growth needs.

At this time, by foliar spraying on two separate occasions with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus can provide comprehensive and sufficient nutrition for these early stages of crop growth. It will accelerate the growth of stems and leaves, improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote the development of roots and the formation of stolons.

RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus biochemically chelates nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum – the full suite of 12 essential nutrient elements. Together these provide the comprehensive nutrition needed, and with RLF’s unique NDS (nutrient transmission system) it can improve the absorption utilisation rate, prevent nutrient deficiency, improve crop stress resistance ability, lay a solid foundation for later yield and improve quality.

For the Flowering Stage of Potato

Phosphate fertiliser does not account for a large proportion of the total fertiliser content of potatoes, but its role cannot be ignored.

Because phosphorus deficiency often occurs in various types of soils – especially in acidic and viscous soils – available phosphorus is often fixed, and becomes inactive with low mobility and utilisation.

In the late tillering stage and tuber forming stage, foliar spraying with RLF Power PK which is rich in phosphorus and potassium can improve crop absorption and utilisation rate and make up for insufficient nutrients to the root system. In addition, it also contains a variety of medium and trace elements which prevent premature aging and prolong the life cycle of stem and leaf so as to achieve a better yield increasing effect.

The scientifically-based proportions of phosphorus and potassium in RLF Power PK enables higher absorption and utilisation rate, increases the period for photosynthesis and intensity of stem and leaf, accelerates starch accumulation and significantly improves crop yield and quality.

The Weight Measurement Results

The yield of the two fields treated with RLF products were higher than that of Control.

The actual income at the time was 1.25 yuan/kg, with an average increase of 377.5kg per mu. Compared with Control, the income of RLF-treated field was increased by 471 yuan per mu.

Since the implementation of the potato staple grain strategy, China’s potato planting area has grown significantly, but its production management strategies are still relatively intensive. To improve the yield and quality of potatoes, rational fertilisation and postmanagement are key.

Moving forward, RLF will continue to provide in-depth services to help more and more potato growers improve their understanding of nutrition and planting technology, and achieve improvement in both potato yield and quality. This in turn will impact upon and increase economic benefits for the farmers, making their crops more productive in every sense.