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Anji White Tea is one of the most popular teas in China, and it is picked only once a year over a very specific and short period of time

The Evaluated Crop Nutrition Program

Test Location Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Test Variety White Leaf No. 1 Tea
Test Site/Setup There are 4 test points in total – Hengshanwu, Chasiwu, Qinglong Village and Huangdu Village. The test area for each test point is 5mu, totalling 20mu. The planting density is 3,000 plants/mu, the slope is 25 degrees, and the orientation is northern. During this period, soil management, pest control and various management measures remained consistent.
Test Program One week before the sprouting of spring buds, a foliar spray was applied of the RLF crop nutrition product at an interval of 7 days. It was applied twice to both the top side and under side of the leaf surface.
Test Product Fruits & Veggies Plus
Test Application Rate Foliar spray twice at 300 times dilution at 100ml/mu
Test Points Hengshanwu Chasiwu Qinglong Village Huangdu Village
First Application Date 24th February 2020 26th February 2020 24th February 2020 6th March 2020
Second Application Date 1st March 2020 5th March 2020 1st March 2020

In mid-late March 2020, the RLF Technical Team visited many times to take comparisons in terms of picking time, the quantity of top bud and axillary bud, the output, the selling price and other important observations.

The comparisons are highlighted as follows:

Stage 1. Germination & Picking.

The Comparison on Germination and Picking Time

Hengshanwu Chasiwu Qinglong Village Huangdu Village
Germination time RLF treated 1st March 8th March 3rd March 10th March
Control 3rd March 10th March 6th March 12th March
Picking time RLF treated 19th March 22nd March 21stMarch 23rd March
Control 22nd March 25th March 22nd March 25th March

As can be seen from the above data, the RLF-treated crop germinated 2-3 days in advance, and the subsequent picking time was also advanced. The picking time directly affected the purchase price.

The Data on Price to Market

The price of Anji white tea varies with the picking season and grade. From the recent Anji white tea purchase price list, it can be seen that the earlier the picking, the higher the tea purchase price.

Date Green leaf price (Yuan/jin) Dry leaf price (Yuan/jin) Wet-dry ratio
19th March 2020 150 900 1:4.5
20th March 2020 150 900 1:4.5
21st March 2020 130 800 1:4.5
22nd March 2020 120 800 1:4
23rd March 2020 110 750 1:4
24th March 2020 100 700 1:4
25th March 2020 100 700 1:4
26th March 2020 80 700 1:5

Stage 2. Bud Head Quantity.

Five specimens were sampled at each of the four test points. Each collection was based on the number of buds per square metre as per the standard, then the average value of the collected data was taken for comparison. It was as follows:

According to statistics, the number of terminal buds that can be picked in the early stage have increased by 44%-50%, the axillary buds have increased by 30-40%, and the density of bud heads have increased by 40%-50%. The RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus has excellent application effects on the Anji white tea.

Collecting the specimens to test bud head quantity

Stage 3. Bud Weight.