A Combined Nutrition Program of Foliar and Furrow Injection Delivers Better Results

Day 4 of the RLF Agricultural Technology Services Tour

Today, the efforts of the Team were still focused in Liaocheng, Shandong Province.
During the past few days of observation in the shed area, the RLF Ag Tech Team found that a large number of the cucumber greenhouses were showing all the signs of premature aging. The stems were weak, the leaves were yellow, the growth was generally weakened, and the melons were having difficulty expanding with the probability of deformed melons was increasing. This all seriously affects the quality, yield and economic return for farmers.

The RLF Team accompanied Mr Yuan Zhen as he visited Mr Wang’s cucumber greenhouse.

These cucumbers had no yellow leaves or signs of premature senescence. The leaves were thick and green, and the growth was still strong! Mr Wang told us that his cucumber was furrow injected twice with RLF Plant Milk and was also foliar sprayed with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus.

His yield is good, and as a consequence he can look forward to higher prices at market.

The cucumber growers with their RLF-treated cucumber crop

Not Only for Cucumbers!

The superior efficacy of RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus combined with RLF Plant Milk is not only reflected in the cucumber greenhouses.

Miss Chang in Yuanzhuang, also chose to use the two products on her eggplant enterprise.

She furrow injected the crop with Plant Milk High-N in the seedling stage, Plant Milk High-K in the fruiting period, and also foliar sprayed Fruits & Veggies Plus onto the eggplant. The produce showed superior effects of strong stalks, big shape and
bright surface.

Miss Chang with her eggplant crop that was treated with RLF products

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