Two Demonstration Sites Showcased

The seedling stage of a wheat crop growth is dominated by its vegetative growth, root development, the growing of leaves and tillers, with the spikelet primordia of young spikelets also being differentiated at this time. This is an important period for determining the number of spikes and the laying down of large spikes.

Recently, the RLF Sales & Technical Team and the General Manager of Nong Yue Agricultural Corporation, An Guoqiang paid a visit to two farmers in Jishan County, Shanxi Province who used RLF Seed Primer BSN Superstrike. They also collected data and checked on the application effects and overall results.


Date 23rd March 2019
Location Zhaidian Town, Jishan County, Shanxi Provinc
Farmer Cao Jixiao
Application of Product Date 2nd October 2018
Method Mix 35kg wheat seeds with 100ml RLF BSN Superstrike, combined with coating agent.

The demonstration site

The Results & Observations

Examining the Wheat

By comparison it can be seen:

Firstly, after being treated with RLF BSN Superstrike the number of first and second tillers increased significantly, and the growth was robust and the germination rate was high.

Secondly, the growth period of the wheat treated with RLF products was advanced. BSN Superstrike had the functions of accelerating crop growth and early jointing.

Thirdly, the wheat treated with BSN Superstrike had a higher chance of emergence of spikelet primordia, and on current trend it is to increase yield by around 20%.

The yield of wheat is mainly realised by the number of grains per spike. Prolonging the formation process of spikelet primordium differentiation is conducive to increasing the number of grains per spike, thus improving the final yield of wheat.

The spikelet primordium


Date 23rd March 2019
Location Yangzhao Town, Jishan County, Shanxi Province
Farmer Lan Quanfa
of Product Date
12th October 2018
Method Mix 45kg wheat seeds with 100ml RLF BSN Superstrike, combined with coating agent.

At the Demonstration Site

From a distance, the growth and development of the
wheat treated with BSN Superstrike was advancing
earlier and the seedlings were higher.
Overall the wheat treated with BSN Superstrike
had the following characteristics:

It was more drought and cold-resistant

The number of tillers increased significantly

Plants showed a more developed root system

Even more Happy Farmers

The following farmers pictured on our photo board all participated in a trial of RLF Specialty Seed Priming Fertiliser BSN Superstrike and all had similar positive experiences to the two farm demonstrations showcased.