The Grower Shares his Crop’s Comparisons

Meizhou is known as the ‘Hometown of Chinese Golden Pomelo’ and has a long history of pomelo cultivation.

Grower Mr Li, used an RLF crop nutrition program for his 20mu (1.33 hecatre) pomelo orchard this year. The following comparisons show the effects of this specialty fertiliser program.

Demonstration Test Details

The RLF Crop Nutrition Program

The Comparison on Colour Changing

On a return visit on 27th July 2018, it was found that the honey pomelo treated with RLF products had early fruit swelling. Whether it be fruit appearance or flesh colour, the colour change was good and even. At the later stage, the average single fruit weight of pomelo was about 3kg, and the proportion of the whole commercial fruit reached 95%.

As observed in July 2018

As observed in September 2018

The Comparison on Sugar Content

The sugar content measurement result of pomelo on 27th July 2018 was Control 8.5 and the RLF-treated fruit was 9.3.

The sugar content measurement result of the honey pomelo on 14th September 2018, Control was 12.3 and the RLF-treated fruit
was 13.0.

Mr Li’s pomelo orchards are mostly four-year-old trees, with a yield of approximately 60,000kg. The rate of inferior fruit was less than 1%. Because of its beautiful appearance, high sugar content and good colour, the purchase price given this year was 5 yuan (1.05AUD)/kg. According to the survey, the purchase price of the nearby honey pomelo with conventional management was 3.4 yuan (0.71AUD)/kg.

Once inputs are subtracted from the income, the profit is about 80,000 yuan (16,989AUD) when compared with the conventional fertiliser management.

Mr Li is very satisfied with the application effects of RLF crop nutrition products.

Mr Li with his successful crop of honey pomelo The pomelo orchard applied with RLF products


The results showed that the application of RLF products in different growth stages of pomelo had an obvious effect on promoting the colour change of pomelo after bagging and improving the sugar content.

As is shown by Mr Li’s experience, RLF products effectively improve the commodity value of pomelo and improve the income of fruit growers. This is an excellent result.