Spreading the Excellent RLF Message

img-1The 31st session of the China Plant Protection Society opened at the Hefei Lakeside International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 22nd November 2015.

Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) was privileged to be part of this international trade fair in this stunning new facility. With nearly 1,100 exhibitors, and an estimated crowd of 180,000 visitors who viewed the exhibition, this event gave a wonderful opportunity to showcase the technical expertise and excellence of RLF’s innovative products. This year’s theme for the exhibitors translated as ‘Scientific Medicine, Green Development’ making the case for an industry wide and unprecedented push to forge a new direction in agricultural history for China.

RLF certainly left it’s mark at the show.

RLF always seeks to participate in these important trade events in a fully involved and respectful manner. RLF’s Chairman Mr Ken Hancock travelled from Australia to join with the Asia Pacific Managing Director Dr. Lu Sen and members of the RLF China team as they engaged with other participants and guests.

The following photographic display captures some of these moments.

The three-day exhibition saw specialists and guests from all regions of China visit the RLF display.

All of the important product concepts were on prominent display, including BSN Seed Priming, Ultra Foliar Fertilisers, CropSpecific Foliar Fertilisers, Plant Milk and Fertigation products. They all elicited an interested response from visitors, and each customer went away with a much better understanding about RLF and its product range. The RLF China team will ensure that cooperation and communication with all visitor contacts is maintained and is very certain that the RLF message is growing stronger by the day.

Such was the success of this 3-day event.