Documenting the First Three Days of the Technical Tour by the Northern China Team

Ready to Go!

The RLF Ag Tech Services Team is ready to go on 16th October 2018 on
Tiantian Circle, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

Cucumbers, Cucumbers & Cucumbers!


The first station is in Xihu Town, Yanggu county.

Team Northern China visited the cucumber growing shed area giving individual observation and advice to growers as they surveyed the planting areas and answered the farmers’ questions. This involved guidance about fertiliser technology and how best to apply it, together with professional advice about the specific needs of the cucumber crop.

One very real way that farmers can get ongoing support was initiated on the day with the establishment of the WeChat Technology Exchange Group. This not only provides a forum for online support services from the RLF Sales and Technical Team, but gives the opportunity for farmers to share experiences with one another.

Action in the field

Visiting the greenhouse of customers who already have experienced the benefits of RLF products

A commonly asked question by farmers is “why is my neighbour’s greenhouse cucumber straight and bright, whilst mine has poor shape and gets a low price”. The secret is to choose the right crop nutrition for your crop, and with RLF specialty products you get balanced nutrition and strong healthy plants. This is what makes the difference.


Today, the RLF Agricultural Technology Services tour continued in Liaocheng, Shandong Province.

Grower Experience 1

Team Northern China visited and observed the enterprises of yet more cucumber growers and began the day by visiting the cucumber shed area in Daliuzhuang Village, Xihu Town.

The Team met Liu Weimin, as he was picking cucumbers. Looking at his garden, the melons were straight, and his cucumber sheds were full of green. The vines were strong, and the deformed melons were few.

The straight cucumbers in Mr. Liu’s shed

So, what is his planting and fertilising method?

During discussion Mr Liu told the Team that he had started to furrow inject the cucumber and cowpea with RLF Plant Milk High-N the previous year, and that it worked very well. So, it was good for the Team to see the remarkable results for a customer of RLF products.

According to Mr Liu, the cucumber of this stubble had had two applications of RLF Plant Milk High-N, and this resulted in higher yield, better quality and he had excellent market demand for his produce. The cucumbers in the surrounding greenhouses however were not so well managed, and this is what the Ag Tech Team wanted to discuss with other growers.

At the end of the day, it is about the economic benefit that the cucumber crop brings to the grower, and from Mr Liu’s experience this is better after being treated with the RLF products.

Grower Experience 2

Meanwhile, in Yuedi Village, Yanggu County, Mr Zhao was recently worried about the yellow and weak cucumber leaves in
his greenhouse.

The yellow and weak cucumber leaves

After hearing of Mr Zhao’s problem, inspecting his crop and examining his methods, the RLF Team judged that this was caused because of the poor absorption ability of the root system. They recommended a nutrition program of foliar spraying with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus at 250 times dilution. A demonstration and testing area was then established so that this performance could be
better judged.

The test and demonstration process

Day 3 of the RLF Agricultural Technology Services tour continued with the Team remaining in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. Facing the day, they brought the advanced fertilisation technology and nutrition products and information to the farmers there.

Shenxian is also known as “China’s first vegetable county”.

Every year, from September to December, a large number of cucumbers are grown and delivered to the market from here, attracting merchants from all over the country to come to buy. The Team worked with Senior Agronomist in Shenxian, Mr Yuan, who has been deeply involved with the front-line planting enterprises over the past fifteen years. He has a rich technical experience, especially the in-depth study of cucumber, tomato, melon and other shed vegetables, which gives him the title of ‘Planting Instructor’ and as such he is trusted by local farmers.

Mr Yuan also is constantly on the lookout for quality products with improved technology and scientifically based attributes that will better serve the farmers. He not only helps farmers find solutions to their problems, but also advises them to use good products that help solve the problem. He recommends the two RLF Plant Milk products.

Mr Yuan said, “You ask why I chose the RLF product? It is because of its high utilisation rate and nutrient content. I have seen, for instance, how cucumbers have grown after being treated and it has been particularly good. I want to promote good formulations and good products to every farmer as it will benefit his enterprise”.

The RLF Ag Tech Services Team also visited the melon shed of a long-time user of RLF products. Compared with the common occurrence of yellow leaves and premature senescence in a nearby greenhouse, the RLF-treated cucumber shed had fewer yellow leaves, straight strips, high yield and were very good quality.

Happy RLF customers who are completely satisfied with the results from RLF products

About the Products our Customers Use

Our long-term customers, seen above amongst their crop, tell us that RLF Plant Milk provides their crops with a variety of nutrients that are easily absorbed. By furrow injecting the fertilisers on cucumber, they can prevent the yellowing of leaves, improve crop disease and stress resistance, improve and strengthen the root system under low temperature conditions, enhance the anti-low temperature effect, increase the content of soil organic matter and eliminate heavy cropping obstacles.

During the visit, it was found that many of our long-term users are completely satisfied with the results. Team Northern China also understand that by revisiting their customers as they explore new clients and new markets, they are able to effectively communicate the benefits of modern crop nutrition products.