BSN Superstrike kick-starts the crop
A product evaluation trial was conducted on corn by grower Su Zhenchun in Liuzhuang Village, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province to help him understand the growth differences of his corn crop after being treated with specialty seed priming product BSN Superstrike. The observation day with the help of RLF team members was on 9th August 2017.

These are the results that he found.

Details of the Evaluation Trial

Seed Priming Date 5th June 2017
Observation Date 9th August 2017
Trial Location Liuzhuang Village, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province
Trial Area 3 Mu (0.2 hectare)
Application Details 5ml BSN Superstrike per kg of corn seed
Farmer Su Zhenchun is in the middle of the photo. The corn in his left hand is from the Control Field. The corn in his right hand is that treated with seed primer BSN Superstrike.

This image shows the difference in plant strength.
The corn primed with BSN Superstrike clearly shows a robust plant and early heading stage evidence.

After being treated with BSN Superstrike, the corn had increased lateral roots, many white capillary roots, improved adsorption of root system and soil, and good lodging resistance and drought resistance.

Statistical Comparisons

The comparison between Demonstration Field and Control Field showing several important crop growth milestones is given below. These include the development of aerial roots, ear and tassel numbers.

As can be seen from the above table, there are obvious differences in aerial root, especially in the third layer. The three layers of aerial root growth of the corn treated with BSN Superstrike can reach above 60%, but the Control Field corn can only reach 30%. And the tassel time of corn treated with BSN Superstrike is 2-3 days earlier than Control.

About BSN Superstrike

BSN Superstrike is Fertiliser for Seeds.

BSN Superstrike is a highly engineered seed priming product developed to provide the required level of optimal nutrients (particularly phosphorus) directly to the seed. This is achieved by priming (or imbibing) so that the seed has internal nutrient available to it from
the very first day of its growth cycle.

The excellent results of the corn treated with BSN Superstrike in this particular evaluation trial showed:

Strong roots
Good water and fertiliser absorption
Food lodging resistance
Robust plant growth
Earlier tassel time
Darker green leaves

The specially engineered seed delivery system (SDS) allows the seed to absorb a multi-nutrient formulation with increased phosphorus. It is a High-analysis and Broad-spectrum specialty product that will revolutionise the growing of high quality crops. It is easy to apply with quick uptake of nutrient

It is easy to apply with quick uptake of nutrient
It ‘kick-starts’ germination
It supplies energy for robust early growth and setting
higher yield potential
It is the new world standard for modern-farming practice