What an RLF Crop Nutrition Program can bring to a Reclamation Salt Field

The rice crop planted in a reclaimed salt field on Daxin farm, Ganyu District, Lianyungang City is full of seeds and fragrant.

Under the guidance of the RLF Technical Team, the grower Mr Mo, applied a specialised RLF nutrition program this year. Let’s take a closer look at what the program involved and what the end results were on the seawater rice!

Demonstration Details

The salt damage to the seawater rice root system is very serious.

This will restrain the growth of the root system and make the tissue black and necrotic, resulting in its poor ability to absorb fertiliser. The leaves will wither and yellow, and the roots will become seriously black and rotten. These issues need to be
dealt with.

First Observation on 29th July 2019

One application, foliar spray through the leaves with RLF Broadacre Plus in the tillering stage to supplement a variety of medium and trace elements that the crop lacked, to improve the disease resistance of rice. RLF Broadacre Plus promotes root growth, and the leaves of the RLFtreated field were thick green, the photosynthetic capacity was strong, and the root system was well developed.

Second Observation on 21st October 2019

The functional leaves of the Control field began to wither and the leaf colour was yellow-green. The stalks of the RLF-treated field were firm and the leaves were blue-green, which prevents premature senescence, enhances the photosynthetic efficiency after heading, and promotes the high accumulation and high operation of nutrients.

Third Observation on 2nd November 2019

The rice in the demonstration field displayed many tillers, large rice ears and full grain.

Comparing the Results

The RLF Tech Team and Mr Fan together, chose and compared five randomly selected points from within the Control and the RLFtreated plots of land.

The Yield Measurement Results

The yield of the Evaluation field was 114.5kg/mu higher than that of Control field.

Mr Mo was satisfied with the effects of applying an RLF whole process nutritional program.

Evaluation Test Conclusion

Through the full tracking of the RLF nutrition program for seawater rice, the following was found:

1. The rice developed a stronger root system, stronger stem and lodging resistance.
2. No premature senility in the later period was detected.
3. Improved quality and increased production effectively improved economic efficiency.

Products Used in this Evaluation Trial