Compare the Difference with an RLF Crop Nutrition Program
As we have already learned, the cultivation of potatoes in Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia has a very long history, and its excellent natural environmental conditions have created a favorable foundation for the growth of potatoes. The annual production area of the whole city is stable at 4 million mu, and the output is stable at more than 4 million tons. The production area and total output accounts for nearly half of that of Inner Mongolia.

RLF products have been sold in Wulanchabu for many years and have broad support.

In September 2019, in order to check on more of our Wulanchabu customers, the RLF Technical Team visited a number of them in the important planting area of Siziwangqi. What follows is what the
Team discovered.

The First Potato Demonstration

The Second Potato Demonstration

According to the statistics of the potatoes dug from the site, there were 53 potatoes in the 1.4m2 field, including 47 commercial potatoes (weight over 300g), with a total weight of 33.2 Jin. On these statistics it is estimated that the yield per mu is 9250 Jin, which is about 4900 yuan/mu.

In his conversation with RLF, Mr. Qiao said “that he did not pay much specific attention on the potato this year”. He said “his total
investment was only about 620 yuan per mu, including the cost of planting potatoes, fertiliser and facilities, but his crop production
reached nearly 5000 yuan, and that the potato quality was pretty good”.

He was very satisfied with the application effects of RLF products.

The Third Potato Demonstration

The Fourth Potato Demonstration

Why RLF Crop Nutrition Products are Popular in Wulanchabu

The excellent effects of RLF products in improving the quality and income of growers has won the unanimous trust of many local farmers! In combination with the adjustment of planting structure in the sickle bay area, Wulanchabu is also vigorously promoting the national pilot of potato staple food.

The RLF team will also continue to expand its brand influence and help potato growers increase production, quality and economic return.