RLF Specialty Crop Nutrition helps during a Period of Adverse Climatic Conditions

During the fruit expanding period of the Shatian Pomelo, (which occurred from May to July in 2018), the local weather conditions in Meizhou were more challenging than in previous years. Rainfall was lower and the temperature was higher. This resulted in an uneven absorption of water and nutrients with the result of the uneven size of Shatian Pomelo fruit.

Healthy Shatian Pomelo
Observations conducted in Meixian showed that due to the climate impact and the lack of timely management of crop affairs in the first half of the year, a large number of central pillars cracked at the early stage of maturity.

However, there was no hollow Shatian Pomelo in the demonstration field that had been treated with RLF crop nutrition products. Adequate nutrition could improve the stress resistance of fruit trees and make the fruit better. At present, the output of the orchard is 63,000 jin (31,500kg), all of which have been ordered and sold, and the price is about 2.1yuan (0.43AUD)/jin. Compared with the 1.5yuan (0.31AUD)/jin or even unsalable Control group pomelo, the contrast is obvious. The owner of the orchard — Mr Lu also expressed his satisfaction with the harvest this year.

The Shatian Pomelo Demonstration Field

How this was Achieved

Test Crop Shatian Pomelo
Test Location Taoyao Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province
Test Farmer Lu Lixian

Test Fertiliser Program and Method

Growth Period Time Product Method
Flower falling 3rd February 2018 Boron Plus 1:1000 leaf foliar
23rd February 2018
Young fruit 7th April 2018 Calcium Plus 1:1000 leaf foliar
1st May 2018
Expanding 15th April 2018 Boron Plus
Plant Milk High-K
1:1000 leaf foliar
1:300 fertigation
7th June 2018
19th June 2018
Color Changing 28th September 2018 Potassium Boost 1:750 leaf foliar
9th October 2018

Telling the Story in Pictures

On 28th September 2018 – the first application of Potassium Boost

On 9th October 2018 – the second application of Potassium Boost

During a revisit on 25th October 2018, the RLF-treated Shatian Pomelo shows early and even colour

The Important Comparative Evidence

The fruit setting rate of the pomelo treated with RLF products was about 90%. And it had fast fruit expansion and even colour changing and size. The average fruit weight was approximately 2.5 jin (1.25kg). There was no hollow fruit found at the return visit, and the proportion of commercial fruit reached 95%.

Size and Colour


Compared with the Control crop, the flesh of the RLF-treated Pomelo was orange yellow, with more sugar accumulation and better taste.

Sugar Content

The sugar content of the crop that was RLF-treated was clearly an improvement over the Control crop.

Final Result

Mr Lu had 5mu (0.33 hecatre) Shatian pomelo. The yield was 63,000 jin (31,500kg). The rate of inferior fruits was less than 1%. In addition, the pomelo fruit treated with RLF crop nutrition products had tastier flesh and improved sugar content.

According to the survey, the sale price of the pomelo treated with RLF products is about 2.1 yuan (0.43AUD)/jin, and all of them have been ordered and sold out!

This story highlights a successful grower experience and outcome.