A Case Study using an RLF Fertiliser Program
Spring is the season for strawberries. As temperatures rise sharply, strawberry growers are all busy picking their strawberry crop.


Spring is the season for strawberries.

As temperatures rise sharply, strawberry growers are all busy picking their strawberry crop. Strawberry is greatly loved by many people for its delicacy and succulence. It is not only a sweet delicacy but a delicious and healthy food option because it is known to contain a variety of beneficial vitamins.

Recent statistics show that China has exceeded 2 million Mu (133,000 ha) of strawberry growing area, with a total annual output of more than 2 million tonnes.

it currently accounts for almost 39% of the world’s total output, and is ranked first in the world as a grower. It also leads the world in the export of frozen strawberries.

It is therefore a very important economic crop for China.

The Case Study

RLF Manager in charge of Hebei Province, Zhao Daqing paid a visit to the base of strawberry planting expert Liu Furu in Duanwang Village, Nanhancun Town, Mancheng County, Baoding City, Hebei Province on 19th April 2017 to check the application effects of RLF crop nutrition products on his crop.

As can be seen, the strawberry he planted appears large and healthy looking with even, bright colour. The taste was good also.

Strawberries ready for market

The Mancheng County is renowned as “Strawberry Town”. The Mancheng County, Baoding City, Hebei Province is named by the Ministry of Agriculture as “the national base of high quality strawberry production”. And the Mancheng strawberry was successfully selected as a Hebei pride in 2003 year. Today, Mancheng strawberry cultivation area reaches to 68 thousand mu (4,500 ha), with a total output value of more than 400 million yuan (~80 million AUD).

Comparing the Fertiliser Programs

The Control crop was treated with a continuous application of potassium sulfate.

The RLF treated crop was fertilised with a foliar spray with Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus at 1200 times dilution and fertigated using Plant Milk High-K at the rate of 10kg per 1.6 mu (1,000 sqm).

The strawberry grower, Liu Furu began his use of RLF products after the first harvest of strawberry fruit. He applied the RLF fertiliser products every 10 days and twice throughout the growing period.

Ultra Foliar


The grower said that the strawberry fruit fertilised with RLF product had much better effects, such as increased fruit setting, larger and brighter appearance and with good taste.

About the Products Used

Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus is a High-analysis Broad-spectrum fertiliser with 12 essential nutrients. It is taken up by the leaf through the cell walls for the plant’s immediate use and is particularly efficient for all fruits and vegetables. Some of its key benefits are that it :

increases growth and improves yield qualities
guards against soil nutrient variability and deficiency
delivers a greater size and volume root system
protects against the adverse effects of climate and pest attack
is easy and economical to use and is more likely to give greater financial returns
returns more matter to the soil, enhancing natural soil fertility
Plant Milk High-K is a specialised liquid fertiliser product for irrigation systems. It’s special formulation contains 3 vital macro elements and 3 essential micro elements. It delivers a multi-spectrum nutrient package, high in available potassium, directly to the plant through overhead watering or furrow injection systems. Some of its key benefits are that it :
ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities
is highly concentrated, optimally balanced and with matched nutrients to suit crop demand
is easy to mix, quick to disperse and friendly on
irrigation equipment
stimulates soil biological activity and generates enhanced
crop health
gives the plant the nutrients it needs at the time that it needs it
is easy and economical to use


Case studies such as this one are always good to share.

By working with farmers and growers, RLF continues it commitment to providing practical in-field advice and assistance directly from its technical team to where it has the most impact. At the marketplace.