Sharing the Success Story of Grower Lin Lin
This is not only Lin Lin’s fourth year of growing grapes, but also the fourth year of her following an RLF nutrition program.

The Sun Rose grape at Lin Lin’s grape base

Lin Lin’s Story

This is not only Lin Lin’s fourth year of growing grapes, but also the fourth year of her following an RLF nutrition program.

At the demonstration vineyard of RLF’s specialised crop nutrition products and scientifically balanced program, the Sun Rose observation meeting was held by the RLF Technical Team in the middle of August 2019. Ma Deliang, Technical Director of RLF, together with Xi Juqun, Director of RLF’s East China District, Yao Jianbin, Senior Agronomist of Huxian Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, as well as more than 100 large grape growers from Huyi, Weinan, Huaxian, Xianyang and other places participated in the meeting.

At the Observation Site for the Demonstration Meeting

Sun Rose grape has full flesh and is sweet but not greasy. It has excellent flavour. It is currently recognised as a variety with great economic development potential. It may not be difficult to manage several mu of Sun Rose, but it is not always that easy to manage a 160mu vineyard and keep growth moving continuously forward. The grower, Lin Lin said “that the vineyard’s continuous profitability is thanks to the technical guidance of Mr. Yao from the Agricultural Technology Extension Center and RLF’s good products”.

Mr Yao Shares His Thoughts with
Local Farmers at the Meeting

Mr Yao Jianbin, a Senior Agronomist of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, has been guiding the technical management of Lin Lin’s grape base and paying close attention to the growth and planting of Sun Rose grape.

At present, the Sun Rose grapes are in the stage of developing sugar and fragrance, and the sugar content has already reached 14. It is expected that the sugar content will exceed 18 when it comes to market in early September. As a popular variety in the market, Mr. Yao analysed the advantages and disadvantages of Sun Rose grape plantings and the future development direction for farmers. He considered that the Sun Rose grape has many advantages such as deliciousness, good-looking, resistance to storage and transportation, just to mention a few. At present, the benefits are high, but it is also accompanied by various problems during the planting process, such as the general symptoms of viral diseases, as well as sunburn, fruit rust and other phenomena. In addition, Mr Yao also shared some skills for the cultivation of Sun Rose, and proposed that the production should be based on quality.

Ma Deliang RLF’s Technical Director
Shares His Thoughts with the Meeting

Ma Deliang spoke to the farmers present about how to fertilise grapes scientifically.

It was proposed that the yield will always be limited by the elements/nutrients most lacking (according to the principle of the ‘wooden barrels’). Whilst paying attention to the content of fertilisers, attention must also be paid to the utilisation of fertilisers in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness to the crop of those fertilisers.

RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus and Plant Milk products chelate a variety of large, medium and micronutrients required during the growth of crops, and can solve the antagonistic effect between the elements. The nutrient delivery system developed by RLF has a high utilisation rate which ensures the full absorption by both leaf and root. The RLF nutrition program has been certified as having excellent application effects in experiments conducted at many grape bases in Huxian County. The programs have helped make up for the shortcomings and challenges faced by the vines and improved both quality and efficiency.


Four years of trust brings years of harvest joy and RLF has been delighted to be part of this incredible success story. We hope that Lin Lin’s grape base continues to improve its quality with the help of an RLF nutrition program, and also hope that the RLF Better Grape Program can help more growers improve their crop quality and obtain higher financial returns.

Lin Lin and her Sun Rose grape

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