How they survived adverse weather conditions with RLF products
It was indeed unfortunate for those green peppers that grew in the Wanghui Agricultural Demonstration Base in Zhaoan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China. This area suffered the onslaught of a major typhoon in October 2016. The strong winds and heavy rains caused serious damage to the local crops, and green peppers were amongst them.

About the Green Pepper

The green pepper is also called sweet pepper or bell pepper.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant that is characterised by larger fruit size. The green pepper is served as a vegetable and not simply as a flavouring due to its lighter spicy taste. Because of its healthy, bright green colour, the green pepper is not only a vegetable dish, but is also widely used for garnishing.

In addition, the rich vitamin C contained within the green pepper is suitable for people who suffer from high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. It is considered a vegetable with strong and positive health outcomes.

These green peppers survived the damage of wind and rain

Results of the RLF Program for Green Peppers

In order to check the performance of the RLF product on green pepper, the RLF Sales Director in Southern China Regions, Lai Youying, the RLF Sales Manager in charge of Fujian Province, Wu Chengming and the Distributor Partner from southern Fujian Province, the Managing Director of Jingpeng Company, Bai Yan all visited the green pepper growers on 18th November 2016. What they found, not unsurprisingly, was that the green peppers that followed RLF’s nutritional program all demonstrated good results.

The growers reported that after the application of RLF’s nutritional program, the green peppers picked up and survived the damage from wind and rain associated with the typhoon. And compared with the control field, the green peppers treated with Dynamo-High N had strong flowers, well-developed root systems and healthy growing leaves.

Healthy green peppers


With results such as these, and numerous examples and comments from growers, RLF products are proving to be the first
choice for farmers.

RLF is dedicated to building a vibrant and successful global network that places the interests of customers first and foremost, and their highly specialised liquid crop nutrition fertilisers are playing their part in bringing about good crop and economic outcomes for local producers.

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