Observation Tour takes in Eight Vineyards in Hu County
The grapes are ripe and ready for picking. 100,000 tonnes (100,000,000 kg) of grapes, with an anticipated value of Y750m, is expected from the harvest in Hu County, Shaanxi Province.

Following up on the pre-season RLF Better Grape Nutrition Program, instigated to help the growers in Hu County avoid the damage to vines of downy mildew, wind and the expected high temperatures for 2017, the RLF Team conducted a tour of eight grape-growing properties to check on outcomes.

The RLF program adopted modern fertiliser practice by using Fertigation products Plant Milk High-N and Dynamo High-K.

Outstanding Results

The Properties Visited as part of the Observation Tour

At the return visit to the customers, the RLF Team were able to view the results and gather the comments as listed:

Following treatment with the RLF nutritional program, the grapes showed obvious signs of enhanced growth with decreased signs of deficiency. They had darker green leaves, bloomed more neatly, produced good fruit hardness with thick powder and had a high sugar content.
A large number of grape growers reflected that the RLF liquid fertiliser program is more convenient to use compared with powder-based water soluble fertiliser. They have expressed the will to apply RLF products multiple times next year.
Through the use of the new fertiliser program, and reasonable cultivation methods, the grapes in 2017 matured 10-20 days ahead of the 2016 harvest and laid a solid foundation for increased income for the growers.

Photo-board of the Tour


The Grape Festival which was held 17th August 2017 heralds the start of the grape harvest. It is held in Hu County, Xian City, Shaanxi Province and has the reputation of ‘the hometown of grapes in China’. The top ten high quality grape bases in China are situated in this area.

The unique climate and water availability ensures a good growing region for the 66,000 Mu (4,400 hectares) of grapevines in the County.

The series of visitations to observe the application effects of the RLF Better Grape Nutrition Program was a great success and the growers are more confident of the results of their harvest on the RLF program. RLF will continue to optimise the grape nutrition program in 2018 and the Sales Manager in the region says that “we all look forward to the RLF grape nutrition program observation meeting again next year”.