Showcasing Successful Wheat Nutrition Programs in Zhaosu County, Xinjiang

“It is hard to believe that following the special drought conditions caused by freezing that the land would not suffer losses this year. However, I didn’t expect that after using RLF’s products, the results would be so good.” These were the comments of Han Hui, the owner of the land in Zhaosu County, Xinjiang, as he looked at the golden wheat in the ground.

At the end of August 2018, RLF held a technical exchange and on-site observation meeting in the 74th regiments of Zhaosu County, with more than 30 local growers participating in the meeting. Han Hui, the farmer of the demonstration field, explained that after his wheat field experienced several low-temperature frosts this year, the wheat seedlings were very weak and frozen with dried-up leaves visible everywhere. Originally, I felt there was no hope, but by following the RLF nutrition program the seriously frozen wheat gradually returned to normal. Whoever would have thought that this result was possible given that the wheat field was frozen before.

Before using the RLF nutrition program the wheat field was severely damaged by frost, withered and weakened.

After using the RLF nutrition program the stalks were thick and the seeds were full.

What was the Recommended RLF Nutrition Program?

Zhaosu County has great climate temperature differences. When it comes to low temperature and frost, the farmers often suffer economic losses. Therefore, how to improve the drought and cold resistance of crops, and how to remedy after frost is a key focus for local farmers. The attention of local growers was immediately attracted after seeing the results of farmer Han Hui’s wheat crop.

The RLF Sales Manager in Xinjiang, Abudula, also explained the effects of an RLF nutrition program for the whole growth
period of wheat.

The ‘One-Mix and Three-Spray’ program goes like this:

More about the Recommended Products and the Demonstration Meeting

Observation Meeting Site

RLF is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of liquid fertilisers.

BSN Seed Priming fertiliser is applied as the very first step of the Nutrition Program. It is a High-analysis Broad-Spectrum Solution that provides the optimum level of seed nutrient required by the seed and is easy to apply. It increases the available phosphorus (inorganic phosphorus) of seed making it available during early germination. The resulting higher available phosphorus is the most important factor in ‘kick-starting’ germination, by supplying energy for robust growth and the setting of higher yield potential.

Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus is used in the three spray steps of the Nutrition Program and contains 12 essential biochemical chelating large, medium and trace elements for wheat growth. It ensures a comprehensive nutrition supply and balanced absorption for the robust growth of wheat, reduction of crop diseases and insect pests, achieves crop harvest and improves quality through the unique nutrient delivery technology incorporated in the product.

The Results

In the end, the actual output of the wheat treated with the RLF Nutrition Program was 520kg/mu, which is 100kg more than that of the control field per mu (≈ 670sqm).

According to the actual sales price of 2.2 yuan/kg, the actual increased income was 220 yuan (44AUD$) per mu (≈ 670sqm), minus the 50 yuan (10AUD$) cost per mu (≈ 670sqm) for inputs, (BSN 37 yuan (7AUD$) plus three times application of Broadacre Plus at 13 yuan (3AUD$)).

The net profit was 170 yuan (44AUD$) per mu (≈ 670sqm). The total income of 50-mu (3 hectares) cropped land was
increased by 8,500 yuan (1,724AUD$).

The local farmers are very satisfied with the effects of the RLF nutrition program

Another Satisfied Farmer!

Jing Jirong, a wheat grower in Zhaosu Town, is also a beneficiary of RLF products. His 50-mu (3 hectares) spring wheat applied the “One Mix and Three Spray” Nutrition Program even though his wheat crop was largely not affected by the frost damage this year. Jing Jirong said “he was very pleased with the growth of the crop with their highly developed root systems and very good overall growth”.

Farmer Jing Jirong’s wheat field in Zhaosu County

Zhaosu is the main producing area of spring wheat, with more than 700,000 mu (46,666 hectares) of wheat planted every year.

With the development of economy and society, higher requirements have been put forward for agricultural growers. Zhaosu also needs to keep up with the pace of social development. ‘Less investment and more gain’ is not only the desire of growers, but also RLF’ s corporate vision. The combination of scientific planting and poverty alleviation is undoubtedly an effective way to increase the material income of frontier farmers and promote the transformation of rural economy.

As a global leader in liquid fertilisers and crop nutrition products, RLF has been supporting Chinese agriculture for decades, providing innovative, effective and safe crop nutrition products for both Zhaosu growers and Xinjiang agriculture. RLF has been on the road to help the frontier farmers to grow the economy and serve the development of Chinese agriculture.