Increased Performance with Plant Milk High-N and Plant Milk High-K
by Melanie Wu – Deputy General Manager (RLF China)

“My watermelon crops are looking much better now,” Farmer Dong Duan Zhi proudly pointed at his fruits that were uniformly growing bigger in size.
On April 16, 2014 in Pucheng County, Mr. Dong Fang, RLF Sales Manager of Shaanxi Province visits Farmer Mr. Dong Duan Zhi’s home to see the feedback of Plant Milk on the watermelon.

This is the second year which Farmer Dong used the Plant Milk on watermelon. Guided by Sales Manager of RLF China, he used Plant Milk High-N in the seedling stage and Plant Milk High-K in the blossom and fruits stage.

Gratified to see the growing watermelons, Farmer Dong recalls last year’s harvest. “When I sliced through the watermelon, you could just hear the healthy crunch of the fruit, showing its lush redness inside.” So this year, he insists to purchase Plant Milk without hesitation and the effect on his crops is still fantastic.

Here are the positive results of the treated watermelons as shown in photographs:

Farmer Dong said that last year’s sugar content of the watermelons was at 18%.

A famous Poet Ji Xiao Lan in Qing Dynasty has a poem to described the “Ode of the Watermelon”: “Sweet like honey and as cool as ice, to eliminate the heat of a lukewarm tea.” This means that in hot summer, watermelons are sweet as honey and cool to the mouth, so the poet even forgot to drink his favourite tea.

“I am confident that this year’s harvest will also be good,” Farmer Dong stated at the end of the visit. “Using RLF products has really benefited us farmers.”