'Farmer to Farmer' Series | Volume 2 featuring Grant Borgward

‘Farmer to Farmer’ Series | Volume 2 featuring Grant Borgward

RLF continues the roll out of educational videos in the Farmer to Farmer series.

Getting value for money is arguably one of the highest priorities on the list of ‘wants’ for all farmers and growers, no matter the size or scale of their business.

In this video presentation Grant tells how to extend your thinking around purchasing nutrients to value-add your decisions – thereby capitalising on even more outcomes for your farming business.

Questions to be answered include :

  • Am I making a one dimensional decision only ?
  • Am I thinking only of cost and product analysis ?
  • Can I get extra benefit from my spend ?
  • What other nutrients could my crop benefit from ?
  • What about secondary benefits – things that can support me better for the future ?

RLF has solutions that can answer and accommodate ALL of these questions.

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