RLF China’s Technical Team bring a new Approach to this Process

Grape colouring is a prime concern for grape growers in China as it has a direct relationship with the economic benefit of each
year’s harvest.

Many grape growers will fertilise during this growth period to achieve the effects of increased sugar content and more appealing colour. But, it is often an unsatisfactory process. In the later growth stages, there may also be problems such as soft fruit and difficulty in colouring because of the types of fertiliser chosen.

The RLF Technical Team recently collaborated with Professor Yao, a senior agronomist of Hu County Agricultural Technology Center to bring about a better understanding of the grape colouring period for the grape growers of this region.

Professor Yao explaining the grape colouring program to growers

The Grape Colouring Program Explained

Before applying the regulator, furrow inject the vines with RLF specialty crop nutrition fertiliser Power PK

Spray the regulator uniformly on the leaf according to the recommended dosage
(being very mindful not to change the concentration specified)

Three days later, foliar spray with RLF Power PK at 600 times dilution at an
interval of every four-five days

Follow the Case-Sharing Demonstration

Location Huangdui Village, Caotang Town, Hu County
Crop Variety Hutai 8
Timing & Method

28th July 2108 – furrow inject with RLF Power PK at 600 times dilution

27th July 2018 – foliar spray the plant regulator

29th July 2018 – foliar spray with RLF Power PK at 600 times dilution

Follow the Demonstration Effects and Benefits

The following photo images show a definite trend towards good coloured, healthy grapes.

The sugar content of the grapes treated with RLF products, and as tested on 2nd August 2018 was 17.2. Ten days later, the fruit can be sold in market, and the sugar content is expected to reach 19.
It can be seen that on the 2nd August – after the 8th day of spraying – the whole bunch has become burgundy.

The grape colour of the whole garden has reached 65%, and it is expected that the colouring will be completed after two more applications of the crop nutrition program.

August is in the critical period of grape
colour change.

In the first three days of August, there were more than a dozen grape grower training sessions, and each training attracted many
local growers.

By explaining the knowledge of the grape colouring period, together with the application methods of the colour transformation program to growers, the farmers showed a strong interest in being involved with RLF’s innovative products and grape
colouring program.

The effects of this program significantly helps the grapes to colour evenly, increases the fruit firmness, plus it extends storage life and resistance to the detrimental effects of handling and transportation. This improves the commodity value and brings greater financial benefit for the grower – a very strong incentive to consider the benefits of the RLF crop nutrition program.

Imparting Knowledge to Grape Growers

The following photoboard shows the different training scenes.

Added Notes and Caution for using Regulator

There are some situations that grape growers should pay close attention to when using regulator.

1. It is NOT recommended to use a colour regulator if the vines show features of high yield, large ears, double ears, weak treevigour, fewer leaves or serious yellowing – in fact anything that is beyond the tree load capacity.
2. Vines with severe soft fruit and/or cracked fruits is strictly prohibited from using the colour regulator.
3. It is strictly prohibited to use the colour regulator during periods of high temperature. Advised temperature conditions are below 30 degrees, with application done between 8pm – 10pm.

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