The Continuing Education and Influence of the RLF Technical Team
The grape industry of Raoyang County in Hebei Province relies on its unique advantages of climate, temperature and soil conditions, and it has grown rapidly in recent years – so much so that the greenhouse grape has become the largest industrial feature of Raoyang County.

The main varieties grown are ‘Victoria’, ‘Table Tennis’ and ‘Xiahei’. Colour, fruit powder and sugar degree are the important standards by which to measure the quality of grape, and some of the problems that most perplex the local growers are the difficulty of the colour change period, poor color change results, poor fruit powder and low sugar degree.

Aiming to address the pain points in the colour changing period of grapes, in combination with local planting habits and conditions, the RLF Hebei Sales and Technical Team promoted the colour changing product, RLF Power PK.

The RLF Technology Services Team returned to Raoyang on 10th May 2020 to gauge the results of their advice.

Case Sharing No.1

Location Yanggezhuang, Raoyang County
Farmer Cui GuangCe
Variety Greenhouse Table Tennis grape
Product/Date Used Applied RLF Power PK on 28th April 2020
Results Observed The colour of grape ears changed evenly on both the sunny side and the shady side
Inspection Date 10th May 2020

Case Sharing No.2

Location Zhanggezhuang, Raoyang County
Farmer Li Erwei
Variety Greenhouse Victoria grape
Product/Date Used Applied RLF Power PK on 23rd April 2020
Results Observed Fast colour change, increased sugar content with the average reading for sugar content being 16.5
Inspection Date 11th May 2020

Case Sharing No.3

Location Beimazhuang, Raoyang County
Farmer Wei Shengyuan
Variety Greenhouse Victoria grape
Product/Date Used Applied RLF Power PK on 1st May 2020
Results Observed Fast colour change, and under the same management conditions the greenhouse treated with RLF products was listed 7 days earlier
Inspection Date 12th May 2020

Based on the comprehensive results observed during the revisits to these grape growers, it is clear that the application of RLF Power PK assists the vines in the colour changing period.

The benefits experienced by these growers were:

  • Increased sugar content
  • Even colour change
  • Early listing to market

The RLF Technology Service is still in progress. You can look forward to more exciting case sharing experiences.

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