Winning the 2018 Excellent Brand of Specialty Fertiliser Award

On 7th December 2018, the 21st China Agrochemical Brand Marketing Summit was held in Qingdao. During this summit, the 2018 ‘Good Brands for Farmers’ Award was launched with the theme of ‘Building a Good Brand in the Industry and Serving China’s
New Agriculture”.


Awards at the Conference

Because of its Concentration and Balance – So Excellent!

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid fertilisers in the world, RLF implemented the concept of balanced nutrition since its very inception. It focused on the nutritional needs for crop growth, and committed to providing innovative crop nutrition products for farmers and growers across the globe.

This professional and consistent approach has delivered excellent results. According to the nutritional requirements of the different growth stages of the crop, RLF provides a full-course nutrition program. The multi-element liquid fertiliser products developed by RLF biochemically chelates more than 12 kinds of large, middle and trace elements to achieve mutual compatibility without antagonism. They also deliver more efficient absorption and more comprehensive nutrition, thereby improving crop yield and quality.

It is this focus, and the continuous improvement of ‘more balanced crop nutrition’ research, that the industry has recognised and acknowledged. RLF has achieved an outstanding brand that is trusted by farmers today.

A small part of the RLF range of Products

Nutritional Plant Protection is the Way of the Future

Amid the fierce market competition, RLF did not ‘stick to the standard rules’ – that of focusing on scientific research on the one hand, with fancy marketing on the other hand. Rather it has built on the cross-border marketing mode of ‘Plant Protection Plus Nutrition’ proposed by RLF in 2013. This has seen continuously integrated industry resources, and opened a win-win situation for cooperation with pesticide enterprises. This concept covers both the demand of farmers for quality, and the pressure points that Chinese pesticide companies are dealing with.

Based on the good compatibility of RLF products, it can be mixed with all pesticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators to achieve simpler and easier agricultural production. It also saves time and effort, improves the effect of agricultural planting, and ultimately increases farmers’ yield and income.

In Action with Agricultural Technology Services

Balanced crop nutrition, better management of pesticide and chemical fertilisers, the scale and specialisation of planting, and the improvement of the quality of agricultural products all create a growing environment for the specialty fertiliser market.

At present, the specialty fertiliser market in China is experiencing the influx of new technologies from foreign countries, but also the continuous innovation and growing stature of excellent domestic enterprises.

To remain a market leader in this field RLF is rolling out a greater range of technology and customer services. And this appears to be the key to keeping the RLF products at the forefront of the industry. By delivering personal services into the field, where the farmers benefit most from the technical advice and experience of the RLF Team, the farmers of China continue to prosper from better crop results. This warms the hearts of farmers and growers, and this is the foundation of the long-term relationship that builds. RLF will always be with China’s farmers!

The Power of the Brand