How Seed Priming with BSN Superstrike helped Crop Recovery

In May 2018 there was a severe snowstorm in Xinjiang, and the temperature remained low. As a major agricultural region, the crops in some parts of Qitai County were also damaged badly by the extreme and varied weather.

Corn and Cotton

In order to see how the application of RLF’s seed priming product BSN Superstrike had managed during these unexpected weather events, the RLF Technical Team went deep into the field to observe the growth of the demonstration field crops.

Location Liushuhezi Village, Xibeiwan Town, Qitai County, Xinjiang
Crop variety No. 335 Xian Yu
Trial area 20mu (1 hectare)
Seed priming date 18th April 2018
Sowing date 21st April 2018
Observation date 20th May 2018

Priming Method:

Mix 5ml BSN Superstrike with 15ml water for 1kg of corn seed. It is advisable to keep the surface of the seed covered with fertiliser with no excess liquid left in the container.


The plant comparisons 30 days after sowing

At the same sowing date and under the same growth conditions and management the corn leaves treated with the RLF
products have a dark green colour, up to 15cm root length and a better developed root system.

The Trial Field

The Trial Field 10 Days Later

10 days later, at the end of May 2018

The corn field treated with RLF products was observed to have good overall growth, robust plants, low impact due to low temperature and strong wind and strong resistance to stress.

Location No. 2 Company of
Fangcao Lake, Hutubi
County, Xinjiang
Crop variety No. 57 Xin Lu Zao
Trial area 85mu (6 hectares)
Seed priming date 12th April 2018
Sowing date 15th April 2018
Observation date 22nd May 2018
Priming Method:

Mix 5ml BSN Superstrike with 15ml water for 1kg of cotton seed. (At present, most cotton growers simply coat the seeds to prevent disease and they tend to neglect to fertilise the seed. The nutrient in the cotton seed itself is only sufficient for its rooting and germination, often producing shallow rooted cotton seedlings that miss out on all the solid foundation for seedling growth that priming the seed brings).


The plant comparisons 40 days after sowing

The Control seeds which were not primed prior to sowing grew sparse roots that were weak and shallow. Whilst, the root length of the cotton seedlings treated with BSN Superstrike reached 6.5cm, with more hair roots and more robust growth.

The Trial Field One Week Later


Although the weather conditions were unseasonal and unfavorable in May 2018, the observation results showed that both the corn and cotton fields treated with the RLF seed priming fertiliser still produced good and effective crops.

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