An RLF Crop Nutrition Program for Vineyards

Xichang City has abundant light, warmth, water and gas resources, which makes it a suitable area for growing grapes.

Local grape production is high-density and yield is excellent – and this ensures that the economic benefit is also good. The main grape variety is very late-maturing Krensen. Krensen is a seedless variety with small and crisp particles, good firmness, reliable storage and transportation, bright red colour and crisp with sweet taste. This makes it popular with consumers.

Recently, the RLF Technical Team visited grape growers in Xichang City and found that the most troublesome problem for farmers was achieving good colour for the Krensen. A good Krensen requires a bright red colour, but most farmers were only achieving a dark red, so the purchase price was generally lower than they would want.

In summary, the following points are the main reasons why Krensen is difficult to colour:

1. Excessive load
2. Rainy weather during the colour-changing period
3. Improper application of fertiliser, with excessive nitrogen use in the swelling stage and excessive application of hormone fertiliser during the colour-changing period
4. The use of supplementary trace elements such as boron, calcium and magnesium during the later stages of growth not taken seriously

Case-sharing Experience No.1

Case-sharing Experience No.2

Case-sharing Experience No.3

Case-sharing Experience No.4

RLF Plant Milk High-K is a product suitable for application in the fruit development stage. It contains potassium 280g/L and the various microelements needed for crops such as biochemical chelating copper, manganese, zinc and boron. It has been shown to be effective in promoting fruit expansion, enhancing fruit type, colouring, sweetening and improving quality and taste in multi field grape experiments.
RLF Dynamo High-P contains 320g/L of ‘absorbable’ phosphorus and chelating trace elements such as zinc, manganese and copper. It has the advantages of promoting flower bud differentiation, improving photosynthetic efficiency, enhancing crop resistance, has high absorption efficiency and is not prone to causing fertiliser damage.
RLF Plant Milk High-N contains 198g/L nitrogen, 118g/L phosphorus, 85g/L potassium and biochemical chelation of various trace elements required for crops such as copper, manganese, zinc, boron. It promotes the growth of new roots and shoots of crops, significantly enhances the photosynthesis of crops, promotes the transportation and metabolism of carbohydrates in crops and enhances crop growth.

Comments for the Krensen Variety in this Important Grape Growing Area

  • With the increasing planting area, and subsequent increased output of grapes from Xichang City, we also see that the quality of the grape fruit is often uneven.
  • With the increased planting area of the Krensen Variety, farmers are also required to improve the quality of the grapes that they harvest.
  • RLF products can protect the health of the grapes during all stages of growth and development from planting to harvesting. This not only helps farmers to improve the quality of the grapes they pick but also to increase both production and income!