Don't Let Past Practice or 'Old Thinking' Determine This Season's Yield

Specialty liquid fertilisers are bringing new technologies to the agricultural marketplace and new hope to farmers who are tired of accepting that there is nothing they can do about poor seasons.

It is no longer useful to think that an occasional poor season is inevitable, or that there is little you can do than simply wait for rain or until ‘things pick up’. Don’t waste the effort and financial investment you’ve already made in your enterprise! Consider modern fertiliser practices that will not only bring short term reprieve for your crops, but also long term benefits for your soils.

There is so much more that can be done to give your crops the boost that they need right now to deliver increased yield

There is so much more that can be done to build your soils in readiness for the next season

Fight back, frame a different mind-set, and explore what options are available.

Fight Back,
Frame A Different Mind-Set,
Explore Your Options

Grant helped by his son

The Difficult Truth of a Dry Season

Grant preparing his crop in the best possible way

Foliar spraying with specialty crop nutrition products such as those that follow, are just three options available to
broadacre farmers.

Not only does the crop benefit from the leaf-applied nutrients at that time that they need it most, they benefit too from the hydraulic effects of application. Maintaining moisture, as with a foliar spray, certainly reduces some of the impact of dry season.

Three Specialty Products
that Protect and Boost
Crop Growth and Development
in Dry Conditions

Plasma Power

Plasma Power is a foliar fertiliser high in phosphorus. It lifts crop yield and is supported by value-adding
trace elements.

Leaf-applied available phosphorus improves tillering and better root growth, and the trace element package in Plasma Power (zinc, copper and manganese) ensures that trace element deficiency will not rob you of valuable yield in a tight year. This allows the cost effective matching of application rate to meet expected yield, because the trace elements are proportionate to the exacting crop-removal levels required for high yielding crops.

Rapid Max

Rapid Max uses an ionic form of zinc and copper to ensure rapid and improved uptake efficiency by the leaf. It is phosphorus-based, providing fully available and some chelated inorganic phosphate in the immediate form required by the plant. This delivers better yield and overall result. Rapid Max also has a direct impact on increasing soil organic matter. This is because of the increased root mass and beneficial rhizosphere activity brought about by root turnover and plant root exudate with more microbial activity after harvest. This makes soils softer for planting, reduces leaching and improves nutrient and humus availability for next season.


PowerPK is a highly concentrated potassium and phosphorus product with near neutral pH, free of chloride and sulphate. It is engineered to supply potassium and phosphorus as a foliar for broadacre crops, and can be easily mixed with UAN and urea because it’s high citric acid content makes it highly suitable for foliar tank mixes. Potassium and phosphorus are extremely beneficial for grain fill, and PowerPK has the most impact on productivity and return when used during the reproductive phase of crop growth. Its continuous use does not add to soil salinity or to soil water stress, and it is an excellent product to use in dry conditions.


There is no need to give up, or give in to the dry season. Feed the plant via the leaf when it cannot obtain these nutrients readily through their root system. RLF Plasma Power and Rapid Max can provide this energy and encourage more root growth to better access what moisture reserves are in the soil. PowerPK can augment this good start with continued support during grain fill and for
driving yield.

RLF has over 20 years of experience helping farmers achieve better crop outcomes in all growing seasons. You too can benefit from what modern fertiliser technologies offer.