Applying Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar via UAV is ‘taking off’
It’s eastern China’s turn to experience the growing phenomenon of applying foliar fertiliser from the air via an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, or drone technology).

The Jiansanjiang district is located in the hinterland of the Sanjiang plain located on the northern border. It is the first part of China to greet the sun each day.

The RLF Team conducted an airplane control demonstration meeting on rice crops in Hulin City, Jiansanjiang District on 3rd August 2017, as well as taking the opportunity to work with local rice growers to share crop nutrition information. RLF has dedicated Broadcare Plus Ultra Foliar as the most beneficial product for applying via UAV. It is a balanced, Broad-spectrum fertiliser with
12 nutrients.

The drone in action over the demonstration site

Demonstration Site Details

Test dates June – August 2017
Test location Hulin City, Jiansanjiang District
Technology used An electric multiple rotor plant protection man-controlled aerial vehicle at a flying height of 2m. The flight speed to be set at 6m per second with a spraying width of 3m with the onboard dosage set at 700ml/Mu.
Test fertiliser program Seedling stage: 400ml Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar diluted with 10-litres water across 15 Mu (1 hectare) land.

Tillering stage: 400ml Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar diluted with 10-litres water across 15 Mu (1 hectare) land.

Heading stage: 400ml Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar diluted with 10-litres water across 15 Mu (1 hectare) land.

The advantages of Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar are that it has high levels of safety, good compatibility, delivers complete nutrition, is rapidly absorbed, has good sedimentation and improved control effect. Further, and very importantly for the UAV, it is unlikely to block thes prayer, and this is very much appreciated by the agricultural airplane control personnel who like this RLF foliar product very much.

Getting Ready

The agricultural airplane control fertilisation proces

Comparing the Demonstration and Control Fields

The same rice variety was used in both fields and was managed by the same person. Both received the same effects from the climate. But, the difference in the crop outcomes from the different fertiliser programs is very noticeable.

Apart from the robustness of growth that is noticeable, the Sales Manager found that the Control Field rice showed serious signs of deficiency with many of the ears of rice turning brown. The Demonstration Field however showed strong disease resistance.

Checking the Differences in More Detail

When looking at the differences between the spike of rice and flag leaves, considerable advantage can be seen for the crop treated with Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar. The following images compare six ears of rice and three flag leaves. It is obvious that the rice treated the RLF products has bigger spike, longer flag leaves and is a deeper, healthier green colour.

The single panicle contrast results were as follows:

After seeing such a big difference in the official comparison results, three farmers each chose a random pair of rice plants, one from the RLF-treated field and one from the Control field, so that they too could compare, simply out of curiosity. This is what they found:

The results showed that the number of grains per panicle in the Control field was 17, 50 and 40 grains less than that of the demonstration field making this an average difference of +35.6 grains in favour of the RLF-treated crops. This is a very marked improvement. The RLF-treated field also showed better disease resistance and grain length as can be seen from the photo image.The farmers were very satisfied with the application effects of Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar.


A total of nine farmers came to the demonstration and observation meeting. They are all large growers with over 500 Mu (33 hecatres) land. After watching the UAV aerial spraying demonstration and seeing first hand the test comparison results, they all expressed the strong will to use RLF Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar fertiliser next season.

It is through personal contact and demonstration meetings such as these that the RLF team members get to meet local farmers and show the advantages of specialty crop nutrition products.

Meeting local rice growers at the meeting and demonstration site

RLF Rice growers being able to experience
the high-tech delivery method.