The Difference an RLF Specialty Fertiliser Program Delivers

Melons are eagerly awaited as a summer treat. They are cool and refreshing and help prevent heatstroke in hot
summer conditions.

This article follows two RLF demonstration melon cultivation nutrition programs in China.

Bitter Gourd Program

Location Renhe Village, Bingcun Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province
Farmer Liu Dong
Crop Bitter gourd
Planting Area Two parcels of land with the same soil fertility were selected. Both the treated and Control fields were
0.8 mu (0.05 ha)
Method Foliar spray with 25ml RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus with 30 jin (15 litres) water dilution
Timing 17th March – 10th June 2018 at five-day intervals

Field Observation on 25th April 2018

The Control field was found to have deformity caused by boron deficiency, whereas the bitter gourd treated with RLF products had bright green colours, thick flesh and were of a high quality.

At the end of May, the harvest of bitter gourd essentially ended, and the purchase price of the produce decreased. In the Control field the phenomenon of leaf senescence and yield reduction began to appear, so in order to save costs the growers stopped using fertiliser.

In contrast, the field that continued with the RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus crop nutrition program continued
to thrive.

Field observation on 11th June 2018

After the Control field stopped applying fertiliser, the production capacity was completely lost by 11th June, and the melon seedlings died of aging.

But the demonstration crop, treated with RLF products still maintained a certain production capacity until the time to uproot the bitter gourd plants. The growth period was extended by nearly one week.

The Yield and Income Benefits Comparison

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Cucumber Program

Location Wudatai Village, Huaishang District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province
Farmer Zheng Liangcai
Crop Cucumber
Planting Area The area is two mu (0.13 ha) (with Before and After Observations)
Method Furrow injection with 5kg RLF Plant Milk High-K mixed with 500 jin (250 litres) water
Timing Applied on 9th May 2018

Field observation on 9th May 2018

Field observation on 23rd May 2018

Under the growing conditions of continuous low temperature and rainy weather, the RLF-treated cucumber has good expansion effects, less deformed melons and high yield. In addition, the taste is crisp and sweet, the commodity is good and the expected increase is about 30%.

Treating the cucumber crop with RLF Specialty Crop Nutrition Products


Crops need nutrients that are scientifically balanced in exactly the same way as humans need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy.

Comprehensive nutrition achieves higher yield.

Modern fertiliser practice is showing the way. It is no longer a matter of more or less fertiliser, it’s about choosing a superior crop nutrition program that is balanced in every respect.

RLF provides innovative crop nutrition products for all types of agricultural crops. In China, the farmers and growers are paying much more attention to crop nutrition and paying much more attention to the specialty products developed and manufactured by RLF.

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