The Rapid Growth of Flight Delivered Fertilisers, Additives and Protection Agents

After entering the market, plant nutrition and protection delivered by UAV is gaining in popularity because of its high efficiency, time and labour saving capability and good application effects. This is especially so in Northeast China.

With the improvement of the UAV type, together with the adaptation of additives and other products suitable for delivery this way, the drone has become a fixture for many farmers and growers. It has ushered in a new era of plant protection and nutrition.

RLF’s Premier Product for UAV Application

Broadacre Plus, a special foliar fertiliser for flight control, has been widely used on wheat, rice, peanut and other crops because of its high safety and compatibility since entering the field of flight control. It has not only improved the ‘plant protection plus nutrition’ crop solutions, but enhanced crop quality and yield where is has been used. And, it was recently awarded the ‘Top Ten Cold Rice Star Products’ title in 2018.

Test Rice Field Details for Broadacre Plus Delivered by UAV

Test Location No. 2 of Farm Wutonghe,
Tangyuan County, Jiamusi City,
Heilongjiang Province
Test Farmer Li Yupeng
Test Crop Rice
Test Variety Long Jing 31
Test Equipment
and Details
Model: Polar Fly P20
Flying height: 1.5 meters
Flight speed: 4 m/s
Spray width: 3 meters
Flow rate: 600-800 ml/mu

Test Method and Timing Details

Timing Method
Tillering stage Apply 400ml Broadacre Plus at 20 jin (10kg) water dilution rate for 15 mu (1 hectare) land
Booting stage Apply 200ml Broadacre Plus and 200ml PowerPK at 20 jin (10kg) water dilution rate for 15 mu (1 hectare) land
Filling stage Apply 200ml Broadacre Plus and 200ml PowerPK at 20 jin (10kg) water dilution rate for 15 mu (1 hectare) land

The Test as it Unfolds in Pictures

The rice treated with RLF products

The Test Results and Comparisons

Overall growth comparison

The rice treated with RLF products are robust and prosperous, and the overall growth is better than the Control crop. Because of the adequate nutrition, thick green, wide and long flag leaves appeared which is more conducive to photosynthesis. The grains were yellow and full-fledged.

Individual plant growth comparison

Looking closely at rice panicles, the contrast effect is more obvious. The rice treated with RLF products has more grains per plant, green leaves, yellow seeds, and better colour. After three applications, the seed setting rate and grain weight were increased, which had the effect of increasing both yield and income.

About Broadacre Plus for UAV Delivery

It is a special foliar nutrient product developed by RLF. It has been trialled over many years and has proved to be a consistent performance product.
It can be mixed with all pesticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators with high safety and good compatibility.
It has 12 essential nutrients.
It is taken up by the leaf through the cell walls for the plant’s immediate use.
It is a High-analysis and Broad-spectrum liquid fertiliser designed for all broadacre crops.
It guards against soil nutrient variability and deficiency.
It increases growth and improves yield qualities.
It returns more matter to the soil and enhances natural soil fertility.
It delivers a greater size and volume root system that drives the development of the crop.